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Which Diamond Shapes Are Scientifically Proven To Sparkle The Most?

There really is no such thing as the "best" diamond. Woman want different things in their diamonds and everyone has their own unique taste and preference. But with diamonds, there's no denying that many women want the most sparkly ring they can get their hands on. 

Do you want to buy her a diamond that is big but doesn't reflect very much light, aka it appears dull? Or, do you want to get her a diamond that'll be so sparkly that it can catch the attention of someone across the room? My guess is, you want the latter. 

The best way to achieve a sparkly ring that'll blind people with its brilliance is to pay close attention to the shape of the diamond and how it is cut. There are a lot of different ways a diamond can be cut and all shapes are not equal in terms of brilliance. There is a reason that the round brilliant diamond is still the number one seller today (spoiler: the round shape and angled sides maxime sparkle). 

If you want to make sure her ring attracts the attention of everyone around her for years to come, even past the shiny new state it's in when it leaves the store, keep reading and consider which diamond shape will work for you.

How does a diamond's shape affect its brilliance or sparkle?

When light shines on a diamond, it's reflected off of the diamond's surfaces, known as facets, before reflecting back out in the form of brilliance, or sparkle. Each diamond cut has a unique facet pattern which give the shapes their unique identities. Since the light has to bounce off of the facets before exiting the stone, these different facet patterns give each shape a unique brilliance as well.

It's important to know that although each diamond shape has a unique brilliance associated with it, the brilliance of an individual stone is also determined by the quality of the cut. The cut is based on how accurate the diamond's proportions are in comparison to the ideal measurements for a given diamond cut and it can severely alter the brilliance of a diamond. 

So, just because the round brilliant diamond is the most brilliant doesn't mean all round brilliant diamonds will always shine bright.  The round stone must still be cut well in order to earn the top spot on this list.  

When you read this ranking, know that we based it on the assumption that all diamonds being compared have the same quality grades and have been cut perfectly. Now without further adieu, the diamond shape power ranking: 

Most Brilliant: Round brilliant 



Extremely Brilliant: Oval, Marquise and Pear

Oval_Cut_Diamond-1.jpg         Marquise_Cut_Diamond-1.jpg         Pear_Cut_Diamond-1.jpg


Very Brilliant:  Heart and Princess

 Heart_Cut_Diamond-1.jpg          Princess_Cut_Diamond-1.jpg



Brilliant: Cushion, Emerald, Asscher and Radiant

 Cushion_Cut_Diamond-1.jpg      Emerald_Cut_Diamond-1.jpg      Asscher_Cut_Diamond-1.jpg      Radiant_Cut_Diamond-1.jpg


Less Brilliant: Baguette cut


If you want to see any of these diamonds in person, you can schedule an appointment at any of our five locations where one of our trained diamond experts will be able to assist you. 

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