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A Long's Proposal Story: Alixandra & Matthew

Could the perfect date get even better? Read on to see how Matthew surprised Alixandra with her beautiful, new ring on Jenness Beach in Rye, NH.

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5 Reasons To Shop Local When You Buy Jewelry

We know almost everything has gone online these days when it comes to shopping. And sure, there are some benefits to browsing the web, but sometimes shopping online isn’t the best option. We’ve rounded up a few reasons why it's better to shop local for the more significant purchases in your life!

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Trend Alert: Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Everyone wants their engagement ring to be unique. One way to be sure your engagement ring stands apart from the rest is to consider a colored stone instead of a traditional diamond. If you’re thinking a colored stone could be the right engagement ring style for you, check out some of our top picks!

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A Long's Proposal Story: Ann Marie & Daniel

A weekend trip to the Vineyard that couldn't have been more perfect! Read on to see how Daniel surprised Ann Marie with her stunning, new ring.

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A Long's Proposal Story: Abigail & Zachary

A romantic walk through Boston ends with the best surprise! Read on to see how Zac proposed to Abby with a beautiful, new ring.

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Is the Ring Before the Ring the Newest Engagement Trend?

Engagement rings can be expensive. So, when making that kind of investment, in a person and in a piece of jewelry, you want to make sure you get it right. While it’s up to you to pick the right partner, there’s a new trend that can help you pick the perfect engagement ring: the ring before the ring.

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