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How to Nail Your Engagement Announcement on Instagram

Step 1: Get engaged. Step 2: Tell everyone the good news! Social media is the perfect platform to get the word out, but you don't want to rush it. Before you hit “share,” read these tips on how to nail your engagement announcement on Instagram.


Four Tips for Summer Jewelry Care

Before you pack your beach bag, learn how to care for your jewelry this summer so it’ll stay as shiny as the day you bought it and remain an accessory that lasts through all your vacation memories!

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How to Get Lea Michele’s Engagement Ring Look for Less

Inspired by Lea Michele’s engagement ring? Read more to learn how you can find a similar style for your big moment, too.


A Long's Proposal Story: Kathryn & Frank

It's all about finding that special moment and spot to pop the question! Read on to see how Frank surprised Kathryn with her stunning, new ring while on vacation in Portland, Oregon. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.

3 Ways to Buy an Engagement Ring for Less

No matter how much you love your spouse-to-be, it’s not always realistic to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an engagement ring. Luckily, how much you spend does not correlate with how much you love your significant other, but rather an engagement ring is meant to be a symbol of love, passion and commitment --no matter the price tag.


A Long's Proposal Story: Therese & Jeff

Happily ever after with the girl next door! Read on to see how Jeff surprised Therese with her sparkly, new ring in Iceland. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.