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The Ultimate Guide On Engagement Ring Insurance

Did you recently get engaged? If so, congratulations! After months of planning the perfect proposal, it finally ended with the best outcome of your significant other saying "yes!" Now it's time to start thinking about wedding plans, right? Not so fast, there is still one more extremely important thing you need to cover before looking into wedding venues. You need to make sure your sparkly new engagement ring is insured. It's not the most romantic part of the process, but it is necessary to check it off your list.

Things happen in life and it's better to be safe than sorry if anything were to happen to your ring in the future. The memories the two of you create together are irreplaceable and a ring can be too if you don't get it insured. With engagement ring insurance you are able to replace the ring if an unfortunate event occurred like it getting lost, broken or stolen. The chances of these things happening may be slim but you just made one of the biggest purchases of your life and it is better to feel that your investment is protected.

It's very common to not know much about engagement ring insurance. That's why we put this guide together to help you get all the information you need to make your decision. Check out our ultimate guide on engagement ring insurance and see why you need to get it now!

7 Of Our Favorite Engagement Ring Upgrades

Engagement ring upgrades are a great way to celebrate a milestone in your relationship. Check out 7 of our favorite styles.

How Much Does A 2 Carat Ring Cost?

Has she hinted at the possibility of wanting a two carat engagement ring? Right now, two carat diamonds are the envy of any bride-to-be with celebrities and Instagrammers everywhere showing off their 2+ carat rocks. Two carat rings are both popular and beautiful...but with that comes at a price.

To the average person, most would assume that there is not huge price difference between a 1 carat and 2 carat diamond; but the price difference can actually be very significant. Two carat diamonds are usually known as the "statement diamond." The remarkable size will turn heads, and the woman wearing it will love showing it off to all her family and friends.

So how much exactly is this going to cost you? Two carat diamonds can cost anywhere from $8,000- $50,000. We know, it's a huge price range all for the same carat weight stone! Before you go into sticker shock, keep reading to find out how that range is determined and also how you can still get her a ring that is still beautiful at a fraction of the price.

Yellow Gold Is Back! 7 Yellow Gold Engagement Rings We Love

Yellow gold may have a reputation for being out dated and old fashioned, but that's all changing because it's back and in high demand! This is a trend we're really excited to see. "What goes around comes around" really rings true with this classic metal that used to be hugely popular. Fashion experts everywhere are predicting this trend is here to stay for a while. 

We have been seeing yellow gold everywhere, and more and more engagement ring designers are incorporating this classic metal into their collections. The use of yellow gold in engagement rings is an easy way to bring something unique to an otherwise classic design. 

If you're in the market for a modern take on an old classic, take a look at the yellow gold engagement rings we're loving right now:

4 Oval Engagement Ring Styles We're Loving Right Now

When it comes to engagement rings, just like in fashion, there are everchanging trends in settings, stone shapes and metal types. So what is the latest trend? Oval engagement rings are officially the new up and coming style! 

We are seeing these oval stunners everywhere. They are now a staple in many of our designer engagement ring lines and are even gracing the hands of some of our favorite Boston Fashion Bloggers and a recent Bachelorette. It's no wonder the oval diamond is gaining so much popularity. This regal, rounded shape will elongate your finger (and maximize carat size) so you get more bang for your buck while looking fabulous.

There's a reason why Kate Middleton wears an oval engagement ring and it's not just because it was once Princess Diana's. It's because oval cut stones exude elegance. As soon as you slip an oval engagement ring on your finger, it will create an ultra regal effect fit for a princess. If you want a trending ring with lasting, classic style, an oval engagement ring is for you! Check out some of our favorite oval styles:

7 Engagement Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2017!

A new year means new trends! We're excited to welcome 2017 and the top engagement ring trends that will be a part of it. Each year we look forward to seeing which styles and trends are on top. 2017 will be the year of one-of-a-kind styles with floral details, twisted bands, and vintage inspired designs leading the pack. 

It seems like every year our engagement ring collection gets larger and larger because there are so many new and unique styles. 2017 really seems to be the year where people are really going to break out of traditional and lean more towards unique rings. 

We're predicting some bold choices for 2017! Take a look at seven engagement ring trends you'll be seeing on the hands of every trendy woman and style icon this year: