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6 Unforgettable Proposal Locations in Cape Cod & The Islands

After 135 years in the business, we know a thing or two about some of the best proposal locations around the area. You'd be surprised by how any of our engagement ring customers have bounced location ideas off of us to get our advice before popping the question! We've even gone so far as to write a few other articles about some of the best places to propose in Boston, the North Shore, the South Shore, and greater Massachusetts.

Well in the spirit of summer, we're finally announcing our picks for the best proposal locations in the Commonwealth's favorite summer spot... Cape Cod! This may have been the hardest one yet because there are so many great spots to choose from.

We're confident that you'll love these 6 romantic proposal locations though, so take a look and be prepared when you're ready to propose!

What's in Your Stone? 13 Inclusions That Make Up Diamond Clarity

A diamond's value is largely based on the grades of its four main characteristics called the Four C's which includes: Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity. Some of these characteristics are easier to see in the diamond than others. For example, if a diamond has an undesirable color grade, you will notice a yellow or brown hue in the stone.

A diamond's clarity grade, on the other hand, can be more difficult for the untrained eye to see. As a result, people tend to have a difficult time comparing the clarity of two diamonds against each other. 

We think that it's important to know what's in your stone before you buy it, so we want to explore everything involved in evaluating a diamond's clarity. We'll go over some of the imperfections a stone can contain, how they affect the overall clarity grade, and how to determine the right clarity grade for your needs. So give this a read before your purchase is set in stone (pun intended, but probably not appreciated):

The 6 Most Romantic Proposal Locations In The South Shore

After 135 years of helping Bostonians get engaged, we've heard quite a few proposal stories. We know a thing or two about planning the perfect proposal and have a long list of amazing places to propose.

We want to pass along some of this wisdom and make sure that when you pop the question it's a day that she will never forget. We've already filled you in on our favorite places to propose in Boston, the North Shore, and greater Massachusetts. Now it's time for the one we've all been waiting for, Boston's South Shore!

Ask anyone from Massachusetts about the South Shore, and they'll probably tell you about incredible day trips to the area's many hidden gems. There's just something about this coastal escape that draws Bostonians south when the warm weather comes out. 

With so many great places to visit, it can be hard to pick one favorite spot. So we had to pick six because we know they're all amazing places for the fairy tale proposal she's been waiting for. 

Which Diamond Shapes Are Scientifically Proven To Sparkle The Most?

There really is no such thing as the "best" diamond. Women want different things in their diamonds and everyone has their own unique taste and preference. But with diamonds, there's no denying that many women want the most sparkly ring they can get their hands on. 

Do you want to buy her a diamond that is big but doesn't reflect very much light, aka it appears dull? Or, do you want to get her a diamond that'll be so sparkly that it can catch the attention of someone across the room? My guess is, you want the latter. 

The best way to achieve a sparkly ring that'll blind people with its brilliance is to pay close attention to the shape of the diamond and how it is cut. There are a lot of different ways a diamond can be cut and all shapes are not equal in terms of brilliance. There is a reason that the round brilliant diamond is still the number one seller today (spoiler: the round shape and angled sides maxime sparkle). 

If you want to make sure her ring attracts the attention of everyone around her for years to come, even past the shiny new state it's in when it leaves the store, keep reading and consider which diamond shape will work for you.

Why We Love Princess Cut Channel Set Engagement Rings

"Channel" set engagement rings have been around for years. They are a very classic style, one that you could easily find at any jeweler. But what makes this style of ring so unique and practical at the same time? 

Well what if I told you that there was a ring setting that protects your accent diamonds better than any other ring available? Or that the same ring has accent diamonds that give you the best possible value for your money? It almost sounds too good to be true, but I assure you it's not. 

The ring that I am talking about is a princess cut channel set engagement ring. If you aren't familiar with this design, the ring features two parallel metal rails that are used to mount accent diamonds down the side of the ring. As you can guess from the name, the accent diamonds are princess cut which provides many benefits to the ring. Read on to learn about some of the benefits of the princess cut channel set engagement rings and see our favorite pieces:

MANgagement Rings: Are Men's Engagement Rings The Next Big Thing?

We all know about engagement rings, but have you ever seen one on a man's hand before? Well if you haven't, you may want to start getting used to the idea because "man-gagement rings" are officially a thing.

It's hard to tell if this is just a fad or if it will take off to become a long standing tradition, but we're just excited to see what happens. Let's explore this new trend and look at some of our recommendations for the most stylish options on the market today: