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The Surprisingly Easy Way To Clean Your Engagement Ring At Home

You've been engaged for a few months now, and you've noticed how tough it is to keep your engagement ring looking brand new. I mean you wear it everyday, of course it's going to get a little dirty from lotion, make-up, or hairspray build up. You're a busy woman and don't always have time to take it in to your jeweler to get cleaned. 

So what can you do? No need to invest in a fancy home steamer or expensive products to get your ring glistening, shiny, and clean because there is one quick and easy option that most people don't know about that allows you to clean your engagement ring right in the comfort of your home!

Yep, that s right. If it's looking a little dull, and you are in a rush and don't have time to visit your jeweler, there is a way to get it looking dazzling and new just in a matter of minutes. Check out this surprisingly easy way to clean your engagement ring at home: 

5 Times To Consider Custom Designing An Engagement Ring

Curious if a custom design engagement ring is right for you? Well let's say you've begun your hunt to find the perfect ring. You've learned all about the 4 c's and have started browsing different styles, designers, and selections at multiple stores. Something just isn't clicking, and you can't seem to find her the perfect ring.

But...maybe the ring you are looking for doesn't actually exist already! Custom ring design may be exactly what you're looking for.

Like it sounds, a custom design engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind ring that is designed and created just for her. This option allows for you to get exactly what you are looking for. Still not sure if this route is for you? Check out these five times you should definitely consider custom designing an engagement ring:

6 Unique Ways To Announce Your Engagement On Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are instant networks that allow you to reach all your friends and family at once. So when something major happens, like let's say getting engaged (congrats!), you have to find the cutest, most creative way to post this exciting news with everyone! 

You don't want to just change your relationship status on Facebook; you want an amazing picture that will catch everyone's attention.

So whether it's getting creative with a caption, prop, or finding the perfect way to take the photo, you'll want to find a fun way to share your engagement with the world. To get you inspired, we've come up with the top ways to creatively announce your engagement on social media. Check out some of these adorable engagement announcement ideas:

5 Surprising Times You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

Are you recently engaged and love showing off that gorgeous diamond ring? You may know all the tips and tricks for properly caring for your engagement ring, but do you really know all the times you should take your ring off?  

You may consider yourself an active individual and love hitting the beach, going to the gym, and participating in tons of other fun activities. So is it really safe to wear your engagement at these times? Can you damage it doing certain activities? Will the ring ever lose its brilliance? The short answer is, depending on your lifestyle, it may not always be so safe to keep your ring on all the time.

Newly engaged women ask us about this all the time. So to help you out, we've outlined a list of the top five times you should consider taking off your engagement ring!

6 Adorable Ways To Include A Dog In Your Proposal

So your girlfriend is a total dog lover. Her pup has always come first and you not only had to win her heart, but her dog's heart too. Or maybe she's always dreamed of owning her first dog. You bought her the ring of her dreams and are ready to make that major leap and propose. But there's one thing... you know you HAVE to include a furry friend in the proposal. 

Sometimes it can be hard to get a dog to cooperate exactly how you've planned. You want the proposal to go as smoothly as possible and using animals can be tricky, we get it! To help you out, we've curated a list of the top six easiest and cutest ways to include a dog to make the proposal that much more special. Check out these adorable and simple ways to create the proposal of her dreams:

What To Do If You Don't Pick Out The Right Engagement Ring

 "What happens if I don't pick out the right engagement ring?" I'm sure this question has crossed your mind at least once over the past few months. Maybe she hasn't told you what style she wants or she's changed her mind. Or, maybe she's giving you conflicting information about what she really wants. You don't want to outright ask if you are trying to pull off the ultimate surprise proposal. We get it! We know it's sometimes hard to figure out what she's always wanted without being too obvious. 

You did all your research, found her a ring you think she will love, but you may still have a few doubts. If you are worried you won't pick out the right engagement ring, don't sweat it, you have options.

Let's say you propose, she happily says yes, but decides the ring isn't the best fit for her style and taste. There are many things you can do to STILL find her the perfect ring. Check out the top three ways to still get her the ring of her dreams no matter what: