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6 Unique Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings We're Loving Right Now

Incorporating details like filigree details and diamond halos, vintage inspired rings are one of the desirable engagement ring styles at the moment.

How Much Do Estate Engagement Rings Cost?


Today there are so many great alternatives to finding the perfect engagement ring. And one of our favorite options is to consider buying a ring from the past - a vintage or estate engagement ring. 

There are a number of reasons you may want to consider an estate engagement ring instead of a modern design. For one, vintage engagement rings come with a story. They are from another era, another moment in time and have been part of another great love story. Many vintage engagement rings are also incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind. You won't find that level of handcrafted detail work on a new engagement ring. 

Another reason to consider an estate engagement ring? The price. 

A Long's Proposal Story: Lauren & Gregory


This proposal story had us feeling like we were actually there! We could feel all the nerves, excitement and joy of the moment. Congratulations Lauren and Gregory on your engagement. Your happiness and love is infectious! 

Re-live the moment as told by Lauren, and take a peek at her stunning halo engagement ring

5 Reasons You NEED TO Buy Her Ring At Long's

You've found the one. She's everything. She's it. You're ready to get down on one knee. You've visualized the perfect proposal and imagined sweeping her off her feet. 

Now that you know she's the one, the next step is to get her that diamond engagement ring she's always dreamed of. So..where do you start? Just like with every major purchase in your life, you need to shop around. You need to check out all the options you have to pick a jeweler that you feel confident in and find a sales person that you really click with. 

While we're confident our name would come up in that research list, we're here to take a shot at convincing you to seriously consider buying the ring at Long's.

So feel free to shop around, but here are 5 reasons why we're confident Long's will be the last and final stop on your list to buy the engagement ring:

Fact or Myth: An Engagement Ring Should Cost 2 Month's Salary?

We know you've heard it before: the all-too-popular "two month's salary" rule when it comes to purchasing engagement rings. This rule suggests that men should spend the amount they make in two months on the engagement ring. It's a numbers game; one that reduces love to a strict and rigid dollar amount. 

Engagement rings have been around for a long time, so it's not surprising that there are some benchmarks or unspoken rules that have been established related to the purchase over the years. But, are these rules all relevant? Are they outdated? Or are they even legitimate? 

After over 135 years in the industry, we can tell you with confidence that the "two month's salary" rule is a myth. It's started as a marketing ploy that came from the iconic De Beers 1930s campaign to generate buzz around diamonds.

Sure this number can serve as a starting point for you and your S.O., but it doesn't need to be the end all be all rule that you end up following. There are many people who spend a lot more and a lot less than what equates to two month's salary. Let's dive into how this salary rule came about and explore some other ways you can set a budget for the ring that works for you:

5 Tips For Hiding That Bulky Engagement Ring Box

You've already spent the time picking out the perfect engagement ring. You go to pick up the ring, and it looks stunning in the box given to you by the jeweler. But when it comes time to put the ring in your pocket and pull of the best proposal ever - you panic!

How are you supposed to hide this bulky engagement ring box in your pocket? It looks like you're trying to hide a giant, not-so-subtle rock. You might worry that all the planning and the surprise that you've planned for her will be completely ruined unless you get rid of the box. 

Don't panic just yet! We've heard our fair share of amazing proposal stories, all of which included the opening of the stunning Long's engagement ring box. Here are five fool proof options for hiding the ring so that you can still have the ultimate proposal moment without her finding out: