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[Trending Now] 3 East-West Engagement Rings You'll Fall For

The latest of Boston's engagement ring trends is changing the game this season! If you want your ring to stand out from the crowd with a less mainstream design, an east-west diamond engagement ring is what you've been dreaming of. The distinctive horizontal setting  offers a unique and modern alternative to the traditional north to south facing rings you're used to seeing. 

East-west engagement rings aren't widely available in jewelry stores due to their one-of-a-kind design (which is why they are so quick to sell when in stock). You may recognize this engagement ring style from when Jason Mesnick gave it Bachelor fame in 2009 when he proposed to Melissa Rycroft, or maybe you've caught a glimpse of Catherine Zeta-Jones' stunning rock. This horizontal design comes in a variety of styles that have been catching the eyes of New England women this season.

Trying to find that perfect diamond sparkler? Before you go making any decisions, these are Boston's top 3 trending east-west diamond engagement rings you NEED to see:

Don't Pick Your Engagement Ring Style Without Considering These 5 Things!


So you fell in love with that gorgeous princess cut halo ring that you pinned to your "future wedding board" on Pinterest, but have you thought about the practicality of it? Your engagement ring will be on your hand every day for years to come. If you're like most women, you're not going to want to have to remove it for anything. That being said, it's important to think about how different ring styles will fit in with your hobbies, work, exercise, everything.

Buying an engagement ring is the ultimate romantic act, but there are a lot of practical considerations that go along with it as well. Check these five things off your list so that you can concentrate on the sentimental and fun part of the purchase:

6 Oval Engagement Rings Inspired By JoJo From The Bachelorette


ABC's hit TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have become America's most watched reality television game show. Even if you didn't spend the summer tuning in every Monday night with a glass of wine, you've definitely heard the names JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers. After having her heart crushed last season, everyone rallied behind JoJo Fletcher this summer on her quest to find love with one of the 26 men cast for The Bachelorette.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about The Bachelorette winner Jordan, we can all agree on one thing - he picked out an absolutely stunning engagement ring. The gorgeous oval shaped diamond ring stands out from past seasons' bling. The 3 carat oval cut diamond center stone set with a diamond encrusted band is the the perfect combination of sparkle and elegance. 

JoJo told PEOPLE magazine  "It's stunning. I love the fact that there is one rock. It’s classic. I also think it makes my finger look skinnier, which I really appreciate.”

Oval engagement rings offer a sophisticated and unique alternative to the typical round diamond engagement ring. In addition to differentiating you from other brides-to-be, an oval engagement ring gives the illusion of a larger stone without breaking your budget or forcing you to sacrifice much of the diamonds quality/sparkle. Here are 6 engagement rings inspired by JoJo Fletcher's oval diamond sparkler that will have you swooning:

Saving For The Engagement Ring: Where Do You Start?

An engagement ring is the most sentimental piece of jewelry you'll ever give your significant other, but like buying a car, or your first house, buying a diamond ring is a huge investment. You've probably heard the 'two month salary' rumor, but have you given any thought to how much money your actually willing to spend on this ring? Or how long it would take you to save up that amount? 

For many ring-buyers, it's hard to know where or when to start when it comes to buying an engagement ring. The more prepared you are the better. We've put together these key tips to help you save for the ring your loved one's always dreaming of:

4 Colorful Fall Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Her Speechless

You know you want to pop the question before the holidays and with fall just around the corner, it's time to come up with a proposal plan that will sweep her off her feet. For all the outdoorsy/nature-loving Boston couples, let Massachusetts' natural beauty set the stage for this special moment.

There really is nothing like fall in New England. The cool crisp air, the return of our beloved Patriots, and of course, the breathtaking Autumn foliage. It doesn't matter how long you've lived in Boston, seeing the leaves transform to paint the trees a variety of reds, oranges, and yellows will always be sort of magical, which is why this is the perfect way to enhance your proposal!

From getting the ring, to proposing, to saying "I Do," and for every anniversary after, at Long's we take enormous pride in being there every step of the way to celebrate these life changing events with you. Here are our top four New England fall proposal ideas that we've seen over the years: 

Can I Wear My Engagement And Wedding Ring To The Beach? 7 Dos and Don’ts!

Bathing suit? Check. Cooler stocked? Check. Sunscreen packed? Check. You have everything you need for a relaxing day off at your favorite beach. After a quick stop at Dunkins, you're on your way. It's not until you lay down your towel and see that diamond sparkler catch the light that you wonder whether you should have left your engagement ring at home for the day. 

If you're not careful, summer can take a serious toll on your fine jewelry. We know that your engagement ring and/or wedding band quickly become an extension of yourself, so much so that (like the majority of women) you probably rarely think to remove them. Whether you're traveling to Good Harbor for the day or spending every weekend down at the Cape, it's important to know the potential dangers lurking on the beach.

Before you hit the coast, here are a few beach bling dos and don'ts to help keep your engagement and wedding rings looking their best: