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7 Engagement Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2017!

Engagement Ring Trends 2017

A new year means new trends! We're excited to welcome 2017 and the top engagement ring trends that will be a part of it. Each year we look forward to seeing which styles and trends are on top. 2017 will be the year of one-of-a-kind styles with floral details, twisted bands, and vintage inspired designs leading the pack. 

It seems like every year our engagement ring collection gets larger and larger because there are so many new and unique styles. 2017 really seems to be the year where people are really going to break out of traditional and lean more towards unique rings. 

We're predicting some bold choices for 2017! Take a look at seven engagement ring trends you'll be seeing on the hands of every trendy woman and style icon this year:

1. Oval Halo 

Sylvie Classic Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Ring Featured: Sylvie Classic Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring ($2,750)

Maybe it was our most recent bachelorette Jojo who started this trend when she got engaged with an oval ring a few months back, but whatever the case may be, oval halos are in high demand. This is a trend that we see only gaining popularity in 2017. Overall, halo engagement rings are turning into a classic style that almost every girl wants. The great thing about them is all the variations they come in, so no matter how popular they are, you can still have variety. Each year a new halo style comes out on top, and the 2017 winner is going to be the oval. It looks completely different from a round halo and it works wonders on elongating and slimming your finger!

2. Intertwined Bands

Artcarved White Gold Lucinda Engagement Ring        Artcarved 18K White Gold Tala Engagement Ring


Rings Featured: Artcarved White Gold Lucinda Engagement Ring ($3,285), Artcarved 18K White Gold Tala Engagement Ring ($1,045)

We've seen intertwined bands start to creep up in popularity, but we see now that they are really about to take off. This unique and trendy wrapped design points all the attention to the center stone and adds just the right amount of something special to your band. Intertwined, or twisted, bands can either be embellished with smaller diamonds or left plain. Either way, the center stone always pops. It's not always the sparkling center stone that sells couples on this style, the intertwined band has a significant meaning of "two people's lives intertwining into one,"which makes couples feel like their bond is instantly stronger.

3. Vintage Inspired

Sylvie Antique Design Diamond Engagement Ring        Sylvie 18K White Gold Vintage Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Ring Featured: Sylvie Platinum Antique Design Diamond Engagement Ring ($2,450), Sylvie 18K White Gold Vintage Diamond Halo Engagement Ring ($2,450)

Vintage inspired designs never seem to go out of style. Each year vintage styles get more and more popular. This growing trend takes us back to an era where delicate detailing and personal touches were always a must. We're predicting that 2017 will be the year of vintage for engagement ring designs! As women everywhere seek more unique styles that'll help separate themselves from the crowd, vintage designs are the perfect way to accomplish this. 

One of our favorite vintage-inspired engagement designers, Sylvie, does an incredible job creating a "modern meets vintage" look in all her rings, as you can see above. These rings have that hand-crafted look and are the definition of unique. 

4. Rose & Yellow Gold

Artcarved Rose Gold Judith Engagement Ring     A.Jaffe Yellow Gold Four Prong Diamond Engagement Ring

Ring Featured: Artcarved 18K Rose Gold Judith Engagement Ring ($2,310), A.Jaffe 18K Yellow Gold Four Prong Diamond Engagement Ring ($2,150)

Rose gold is going to continue into 2017 as THE most trendy metal. Rose gold has been on our radar for quite some time now, but we predict that even more women will fall in love with this metal in the new year. What we love most about rose gold is that it lets you show both your personality and fashionable side off while having a romantic and feminine flair.

Yellow gold has also been making a comeback over the past few years with fashion jewelry pieces. In 2017, you'll start to see more and more yellow gold engagement rings. For a while, white metals were the only metal a girl would consider. Now, more women want to break out of tradition and are opting for the soft glow of a yellow gold ring. Yellow gold has a wonderful warm and romantic quality which makes it perfect for any proposal.

Fun fact: Mix any of these metals together for an even more trendy look in 2017!

5. Floral Accents

Sylvie Vintage Floral Diamond Engagement Ring    Ritani Romantique Grecian Leaf Diamond Band Engagement Ring w/ Surprise Diamonds


Ring Featured: Sylvie Vintage Floral Diamond Engagement Ring ($2,450), Ritani 18K White Gold Romantique Grecian Leaf Diamond Band Engagement Ring with Surprise Diamonds ($2,370)

From time to time, engagement trends go hand and hand with fashion trends. Between runway shows and in-store displays, floral designs have been everywhere and now are making their way into engagement ring designs. In 2017, we're predicting a surge in the amount of floral accent engagement rings.

One way we're seeing this trend unfold is through floral halo designs that add a whimsical touch. We've also seen more subtle accents, like floral details etched into the ring's band. Leaf motif bands are another great way to set your ring a part without going too overboard. If you have a BOHO girl in your life that lives for floral anything, point her into the direction of the hot trend. 

 6. East/West Settings

Sylie Platinum Designer Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

Ring Featured: Sylvie Platinum Designer Emerald Halo Engagement Ring ($3,650)

If you are looking for a ring that is unique and want to stand out from the crowd, east/west settings are just what you need. This distinctive style flips the diamond on its side so it is laying horizontally on the finger.One of our favorites is the style shown above by ring designer Sylvie. Halo engagement rings are already so popular, but by adding the east/west setting, it makes it different from all the others.

This ring style has a vintage vibe; east/west rings were very popular back in eras when fewer accents were used on the side of center stones. The chic style is favored by many celebrities and fashion influences, including Catherine Zeta-Jones. 

To see more east/west styles check this out >>> http://blog.longsjewelers.com/engagement/boston-engagement-ring-trends-east-west-engagement-ring

7. Mixing Gemstones with Diamonds

Sylvie 18K White Gold Three-Stone Diamond and Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring   M1R1353C_JP_TableView_Platinum_WD-shadow.png

Ring Featured: Sylvie 18K White Gold Three-Stone Diamond and Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring ($2,750), Ritani 18K White Gold French-Set Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring ($1,940)

The ladies of today's generation are always trying to find the next best thing to make their engagement rings unique. Mixing gemstones with diamonds is a perfect way to achieve that look. No matter your style, there is a colored stone to match. Whether you want a three-stone ring with a diamond as the center stone and colored stones on the sides (shown above), a halo style with colored stoned wrapped around, or a colored stone as your center paired with a diamond band, mixing and matching gemstones will always ensure that your ring will stand out. We have been seeing this more and more, and we know it is going to continue into 2017. 

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