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The 11 Most Beautiful Places In Boston To Propose [Local Photographer's Guide]

We've told you different ways to get the picture, and we got you the inside scoop about what goes into recruiting a professional photographer, but we have't told you exactly where in Boston to propose to make sure that your photos are picture-perfect. Because let's face it, some proposal locations are just more beautiful - and photograph better - than others!

Instead of us just telling you places that we think would look nice in your (Facebook) album for years to come, we decided to ask some of the most notable professional photographers in the Boston area for their advice...and they delivered. From hidden gems to historic spots, check out our list of the 11 best proposal locations in Boston to pop the question, as told by Boston professional photographers:

1. Commonwealth Avenue, Back Bay

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Marlborough StreetBoston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Marlborough StreetCredit: Nicole Chan Photography

Expert Advice: "Timothy proposed to Heather on a crisp Boston evening on December 26th. He planned to watch a Celtics game earlier that afternoon and then wanted to propose near Marlborough St, where they first lived together. Boston's Back Bay provided a perfect combination of their fond city memories as well as a beautiful background of city ambiance and twinkly lights." - Nicole, Nicole Chan Photography


2. New England Aquarium Waterfront

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - New England Aquarium WaterfrontBoston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - New England Aquarium Waterfront

Credit: Ze Liang Photography

Expert Advice: "The New England Aquarium waterfront is perfect for city lovers who also enjoy the ocean view. It's not only a terrific spot to go on a date with a loved one, but it also offers a great varieties of beautiful scenery if you're thinking about popping the question - From having the ocean as your backdrop, to the gorgeous New England fall foliage in the Christopher Columbus Park, you can't go wrong with the aquarium waterfront." - Sam Liang, Ze Liang Photography


3. Newbury Street, Back Bay

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Newbury Street Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Newbury Street

Credit: Person + Killian Photography

Expert Advice: "The Back Bay is ideal for beautiful portraits with it's brownstone buildings, the Commonwealth Ave Mall (lit up with white lights for the holiday season) and Fairfield Footbridge to the Esplanade. We love the character and textures of the brownstones, greenery of the Comm Ave Mall, movement of Newbury Street, and the beauty of the nearby Esplanade - it is a photographers dream"- Jill Person, Person + Killian Photography


4. Harvard Square 

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Harvard SquareBoston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Harvard SquareCredit: Ze Liang Photography

Expert Advice: "Harvard Square is another amazing spot to spend a casual weekend together with your loved one. It's so versatile that you can spend an entire afternoon checking out local artists and street performances, or take a casual walk along the Charles River, which sets the perfect atmosphere to pop the question. Stop by one of the many bars or restaurants afterwards to celebrate your engagement." Sam Liang, Ze Liang Photography


5. Shelburne Farm or Honey Pot Orchards - Stow, MA

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Apple OrchardBoston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Apple Orchard
Credit: Ashley O'Dell Photography

Expert Advice: "With fall officially here in New England, one of my favorite locations for an engagement session or proposal is an apple orchard. I particularly favor late in the season (mid-October to November) when the masses have come and gone, some of the less than ideal apples are strewn about (perfect for props) and when there is a quietness within the rows of apple trees. There is also an inherent playfulness that comes out of couples when photographing in an orchard, insert apple juggling attempts here, but there is also an intimacy. When you’re the only two people in any given area, particularly if you live or work in Boston proper, having an area to yourself is naturally going to be relaxing, which in turn creates more honest portraits. The opposite is true for a place like the Public Garden. A pretty location for sure, but you also become a spectacle on a nice afternoon, so I recommend heading out to Shelburne Farm, or Honey Pot Orchards (both in Stow Massachusetts) instead."- Ashley, Ashley O'Dell Photography


6. The Charles River Waterfront

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations -  Charles RiverBoston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Charles RiverCredit: Nicole Chan Photography

Expert Advice: "Allen proposed to Siting on Boston's Charles River, near the DCR Hatchshell by the Storrow Drive Lagoon. They walked over the Arthur Fiedler Footbridge together at sunset, and enjoyed a moment looking across the river towards Cambridge before he got up, hugged her from behind, and showed her a beautiful ring. He, of course, swung right around and bent down on one knee and finished asking Siting to be his partner for life." - Nicole, Nicole Chan Photography


7. The Esplanade Footbridges

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Esplanade FootbridgesBoston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Esplanade Footbridges
Credit: Jason Corey Photography

Expert Advice: "I love this one spot by the Esplanade that is my usual go-to for capturing a proposal. There are many beautiful bridges at the Esplanade, and bridges are great for getting other bystanders out of the shots due to the the difference in height which allows the couple to be against a background of trees and scenery, rather than the usual pedestrians on walking paths. There's this one specific bridge that (when standing in the exact right spot) that has a perfect scenic background without many distracting elements, which is very common for Boston! This is a perfect spot once the fall foliage starts to reveal itself." - Jason, Jason Corey Photography


8. The Charles River Walking Bridge

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Charles River Walking BridgeBoston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Charles River Walking BridgeCredit: Matthew Jason Photography

Expert Advice: "My client chose to propose on a walking bridge over the Charles river because the location offers a beautiful view of the Boston skyline. Additionally, this spot holds personal significance as he's in school at Harvard. The combination of these two elements makes for an ideal proposal location. After the proposal itself, it's great to grab some portraits of the newly engaged couple. I love making photographs that I know the couple will treasure forever." - Matt, Matthew Jason Photography


9. Charles River Gondola 

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Charles River GondolaBoston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Charles River GondolaCredit: Nicole Chan Photography

Expert Advice: "Afraim first e-mailed me because he appreciated my style of un-interrupted, documentary wedding and proposal photos. He arranged for a Venetian-styled gondola ride up and down the Charles River a bit before sunset. After an hour of romantic conversation and beautiful Boston skyline views, the gondola operator dropped a bottle in the river, for Briana to "find". In it, was a note that asked Briana to marry him. For safety reasons, he didn't go down on one knee, but instead, reached down towards his ankle, and unclipped the ring, that he had been hiding all day. As they came back on shore, about 40 of her friends and family greeted them, told them that they had been creeping around all afternoon and that they had witnessed the entire Boston wedding proposal." - Nicole, Nicole Chan Photography


10. Boston Public Garden - Along The Water

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Boston Public GardensBoston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Boston Public GardensCredit: JP Langlands Photography

Expert Advice: "One of my favorite engagement session and proposal locations during the fall in Boston is shooting around the Boston Public Garden - and even the Charles River Esplanade.You can get to both locations by walking and photographing along the way.It’s both romantic and fun!" - JP, JP Langlands Photography


11. Boston Public Garden

Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Boston Public GardensBoston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations - Boston Public Gardens  Boston Proposal Series - Proposal Locations -  Boston Public Gardens

Credit: Ashley O'Dell Photography

Expert Advice: "On a nice Saturday afternoon, an engagement session or proposal is not hard to stumble upon in the Public Garden. In the winter however, particularly during a snow storm, the otherwise very public space, has an intimacy like no other time of year, and is the reason I love it. The key to a winter engagement session though, especially in a well traveled area like the Public Garden, is not only fresh snow to cover foot traffic and dirt, but also heavy snow. Light flurries simply won't show. I recommend waiting for a storm, grabbing an umbrella (so you're not soaked by the end) and get outside! And don't forget to wear black for a striking contrast, and tuck some hand warmers in your jacket." - Ashley, Ashley O'Dell Photography

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