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How Much Does A 2 Carat Ring Cost?

Has she hinted at the possibility of wanting a two carat engagement ring? Right now, two carat diamonds are the envy of any bride-to-be with celebrities and Instagrammers everywhere showing off their 2+ carat rocks. Two carat rings are both popular and beautiful...but with that comes at a price.

To the average person, most would assume that there is not huge price difference between a 1 carat and 2 carat diamond; but the price difference can actually be very significant. Two carat diamonds are usually known as the "statement diamond." The remarkable size will turn heads, and the woman wearing it will love showing it off to all her family and friends.

So how much exactly is this going to cost you? Two carat diamonds can cost anywhere from $8,000- $50,000. We know, it's a huge price range all for the same carat weight stone! Before you go into sticker shock, keep reading to find out how that range is determined and also how you can still get her a ring that is still beautiful at a fraction of the price.

Why Do 2 Carat Engagement Rings Cost So Much More Than 1 Carat Rings?

2 carat diamonds are breath-taking. They stand out on her finger and catch the eye of everyone around her. Her ring becomes the center of attention, and you get to proudly stand there as she shows off her gorgeous rock to friends and family.

But when it's time to buy the diamond for her ring, you can easily end up severe with sticker shock if you start asking to see 2 carat diamonds! Spoiler alert: 2 carat diamonds cost much more than 1 carat diamonds. 

It seems logical that if you can get a 1 carat diamond for around $4,000, that you'd be able to get a 2 carat diamond for $8,000...right? Unfortunately, that's not how diamond pricing works.

Let's take a step back. Let's look at the factors that affect diamond prices and see why a 2 carat diamond will end up costing you a lot more than a more classic 1 carat diamond:

The Best Engagement Rings You Can Buy For Her Finger Type

 Does she have long fingers? Short fingers? Wide fingers? Large knuckles? These are all things I can promise every girl has thought about at some point. And believe it or not, certain engagement rings will look better on her finger depending on its shape. 

It's almost like trying on clothes. Women will shop for their bodies, finding ways to accentuate their figure. And the same can be said about finger shapes and engagement rings.

When it comes time to buy that perfect engagement ring for her, you'll want to consider her finger type before making your final decision. Trust us - she'll be wearing this ring for the rest of her life. You'll want to make sure it fits and "flatters" her the best it can.

Here are just a few pieces of advice for all different finger types out there:

Which Diamond Shapes Are Scientifically Proven To Sparkle The Most?

There really is no such thing as the "best" diamond. Women want different things in their diamonds and everyone has their own unique taste and preference. But with diamonds, there's no denying that many women want the most sparkly ring they can get their hands on. 

Do you want to buy her a diamond that is big but doesn't reflect very much light, aka it appears dull? Or, do you want to get her a diamond that'll be so sparkly that it can catch the attention of someone across the room? My guess is, you want the latter. 

The best way to achieve a sparkly ring that'll blind people with its brilliance is to pay close attention to the shape of the diamond and how it is cut. There are a lot of different ways a diamond can be cut and all shapes are not equal in terms of brilliance. There is a reason that the round brilliant diamond is still the number one seller today (spoiler: the round shape and angled sides maxime sparkle). 

If you want to make sure her ring attracts the attention of everyone around her for years to come, even past the shiny new state it's in when it leaves the store, keep reading and consider which diamond shape will work for you.

How To Make Sure Your Engagement Ring Has A Brilliant Sparkle

 When it comes time to choose the diamond that will go in your ring, there is a lot to consider. Is size most important? Or, would you rather have a smaller diamond that is truly blinding? There is nothing wrong with either option, but sometimes this is one of the tradeoffs that you'll have to consider when it comes time to make a decision and determine your budget. 

When people come in and tell us that they want a diamond that is blinding, one that you can see from across the room, the first thing we tell them is to look at diamonds that are well cut. The way a diamond is cut has the single greatest impact on its brilliance and sparkle. If you want the most beautiful diamond in the room, diamond cut is the most important factor out of the Four Cs that you should pay attention to. 

Are Certain Diamond Shapes More Expensive Than Others?

It's no secret that diamonds are a big investment, especially if you are looking for a large stone. There are so many little factors that go into determining the price of a diamond that every little detail can play a large role in the final price of the stone. 

The "Four Cs" largely influence the value of a diamond, with characteristics like flawless and colorless that drive the price up significantly. But, there are smaller, lesser known details that can also contribute to the price of a diamond. One of the lesser known factors that we'll focus on here is a diamond's shape.

It's easy to assume that all diamond shapes are priced out exactly the same. This is mostly true. However, you might be surprised to hear that some shapes will cost more or less than the standard round cut diamond!