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6 Proposal-Worthy Hiking Trails in MA and NH

6 Proposal-Worthy Hiking Trails in MA and NH

You both love the outdoors so what better way to propose than on a hike! Read on to see our top 6 hiking trails in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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7 Engagement Ring Tips For Your Outdoorsy Girl

8 Engagement Ring Tips For Your Outdoorsy Girl

Are your weekends spent outside, hiking, kayaking, or scaling your go-to mountain? Is your favorite date night spent with your significant other, camping and staring up at the stars? If any of this applies to you, check out our top 7 engagement ring tips fit for your outdoorsy girl!

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10 Tips for Finding an Engagement Ring in Boston

10 Tips For Finding an Engagement Ring in Boston

Before buying an engagement ring, you have to first find a place you can trust. There are many things to consider, so we have come up with the top 10 tips for buying an engagement ring in Boston!

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4 Ways To Add Something Extra Special To Solitaire Engagement Rings

Have you always dreamed of a simple solitaire engagement ring, but still want to make a splash when you show off your newly-decorated ring finger to friends and family? Read on to learn four ways to spice up your solitaire ring making your ring finger shine bright like a diamond and then some!

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3 Real Engagement Rings You Can Get For Your Budget

Some of the most commonly-asked questions when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring have to do with the cost. And like any big purchase --financially and emotionally,  the standard answers can be vague considering there are all kinds of people, budgets and rings out there.


5 Reasons To Shop Local When You Buy Jewelry

We know almost everything has gone online these days when it comes to shopping. And sure, there are some benefits to browsing the web, but sometimes shopping online isn’t the best option. We’ve rounded up a few reasons why it's better to shop local for the more significant purchases in your life!

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