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Boston Proposal Series

14 Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Proposal [Local Florist Guide]

When you get down on one knee, the ring will do all of the talking for you. But, what if you want to say a little more? Well, one idea is to say it with flowers. We asked some of the most notable professional florists in the Boston area for their expert advice, and being the romantics that they are, they came up with the most creative ways to incorporate flowers into your proposal. Which one will you use?

7 Proposal Ideas For The Artsy or Creative Couple [Boston Proposal Series]

Do you and your significant other love to immerse yourselves in DIY projects, spend your Sundays at the vintage market, or did you first meet in your college art history class? Whatever your creative background is as a couple, you probably will want to surprise your partner with an artsy proposal that they will never forget - But how? We've teamed up with local Boston galleries, markets, and museums to give you a list of proposal ideas that any artsy couple would love. Take a look!

6 Proposal Ideas For The Adventurous Couple [Boston Proposal Series]

We know that it takes a lot of courage to get down on one knee, expose your soul to the love of your life and ask them to spend the rest of eternity with you. But, some people may think, if I can be daring enough to do all of it, why stop there?! 

If you and your significant other love the rush that you get from doing extreme things together, then the pictures and information below will probably inspire you to propose in one of these adrenaline-pumping ways. And even if you don't think one of these awesome proposals will be the way to go, at least you have your next 6 dates planned!

4 More Proposal Ideas For The Outdoorsy Couple [Boston Proposal Series]

Whether it's the feeling of warm sunshine on your shoulders, the sound of waves as you sail along the ocean, or the "hikers high" you get when you reach the top of that huge mountain, there's no better a feeling than doing it with the person you love. If the great outdoors is where you and your significant other feel the most in tune and have the most fun, then a proposal idea that is suited for your outdoorsy couple lifestyle is a must.

Our last blog post that gave you - the outdoorsy couple - 5 proposal ideas was a great success, but we could tell that you wanted more. So, we have partnered with 4 more local businesses in the Greater Boston Area and Massachusetts to give you the specific proposal ideas that you've been searching the Internet for, but haven't been able to find until now. These really range in interest, location, and transportation, so you are sure to be inspired by at least one of them for your own creative adventurous proposal:

The 10 Most Beautiful Places In Boston To Propose [Local Photographer's Guide]

We've told you different ways to get the picture, and we got you the inside scoop about what goes into recruiting a professional photographer, but we have't told you exactly where in Boston to propose to make sure that your photos are picture-perfect. Because let's face it, some proposal locations are just more beautiful - and photograph better - than others!

Instead of us just telling you places that we think would look nice in your (Facebook) album for years to come, we decided to ask some of the most notable professional photographers in the Boston area for their advice...and they delivered. From hidden gems to historic spots, check out our list of the 11 best proposal locations in Boston to pop the question, as told by Boston professional photographers:

Top 7 Hikes For Proposals In Massachusetts [Boston Proposal Series]

For people who love the outdoors, the natural side of Massachusetts is as charming as it gets. From the hills of the Berkshires to the open spaces just outside of Boston, people take to the many reservations and mountains to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Hiking is an easy and fun way to enjoy the outdoors during any season - Which makes it the perfect way (and one of the most popular ways) to ask your significant other for their hand in marriage.

Together with The Trustees, we've created a list of the best hikes to propose in Massachusetts. With locations all over the state, the hikes range in difficulty but all provide both a picturesque view and one-of-a-kind proposal experience. Take a look at the best hikes and where to pop the question, as recommended by The Trustees expert staff: