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How Much Does a Round Cut Diamond Cost?

While the price of a round cut diamond can vary dramatically based on a variety of factors, carat weight to carat weight, it is the most expensive diamond shape on the market. Here are some things to consider before choosing a round cut diamond!

Diamond Shapes: A Glittering History


Keep reading to learn about each of these unique diamond shapes!

Fancy Cut Diamonds: Emerald vs. Asscher

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Two of our favorite fancy diamonds, the term used to describe shapes other than round, are the asscher and emerald cuts. The term "fancy diamond" was originally created in an attempt to diversify the diamond market and promote shapes other than the typical round. Round diamonds have always made up the majority of the market, but in recent years we have seen different fancy shapes like Asscher and Emerald cuts become increasingly popular.

Both asscher and emerald shapes are known as 'step cut' diamonds. For a diamond to be step cut, the facets must be made up of straight lines that run parallel to the diamond’s sides. Many celebrities proudly sport emerald and asshcer cut diamonds including Amal Clooney, Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Elizabeth Taylor, just to name a few. These diamond shapes are loved for their vintage sparkle and classic elegance. They not only look beautiful set in an engagement ring, but also look gorgeous set in an eternity band.

Think one of these unique shapes could be for you? Keep reading to learn what makes each of these step cut diamonds unique!

Diamond Clarity vs Cut: Which Is More Important?

If you’ve researched diamonds and engagement rings online, you’ve probably come across the “Four Cs” of diamonds. So you know that together cut, clarity, color and carat play a major role in grading any loose diamond. But have you ever seen two diamonds that look exactly the same and wondered why there was such a huge difference on the price tag? The slightest change in any of the Four Cs can end up having a huge impact price.

That being said, few people actually understand how to prioritize the Four Cs when searching the perfect ring for their S.O. Understanding how a diamond's cut and clarity affects the appearance and price of a diamond is essential for anyone buying a diamond engagement ring. 

Find out which of these two Cs is most important and how each will effect your search (and wallet):