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How Much Does a Round Cut Diamond Cost?

A round cut diamond is the most expensive diamond shape on the market. Here are some things to consider before looking at price tags!

Why You Must See A Diamond In Person Before Buying

Certifications don't paint the full picture. Seeing and making a diamond comparison in person is the only way to know what a diamond truly looks like.

Diamond Shapes: A Glittering History

View different diamond shapes and learn the history behind each one. Which is right for you?

What Carat Weight Diamond Is Right For You?

Not sure which diamond carat weight is right for you? See a .75 vs 2.00 carat diamond ring on a someone's hand and learn what to consider when choosing.


Fancy Cut Diamonds: Emerald vs. Asscher

Learn about the differences between two of our favorite fancy diamonds, the Asscher and Emerald cut, and find out which shape is right for you!

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Diamond Clarity vs Cut: Which Is More Important?

If you’ve researched diamonds and engagement rings online, you’ve probably come across the “Four Cs” of diamonds. So you know that together cut, clarity, color and carat play a major role in grading any loose diamond. But have you ever seen two diamonds that look exactly the same and wondered why there was such a huge difference on the price tag? The slightest change in any of the Four Cs can end up having a huge impact price.

That being said, few people actually understand how to prioritize the Four Cs when searching the perfect ring for their S.O. Understanding how a diamond's cut and clarity affects the appearance and price of a diamond is essential for anyone buying a diamond engagement ring. 

Find out which of these two Cs is most important and how each will effect your search (and wallet):