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Engagement Rings

How to Get Lea Michele’s Engagement Ring Look for Less

Inspired by Lea Michele’s engagement ring? Read more to learn how you can find a similar style for your big moment, too.

3 Ways to Buy an Engagement Ring for Less

No matter how much you love your spouse-to-be, it’s not always realistic to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an engagement ring. Luckily, how much you spend does not correlate with how much you love your significant other, but rather an engagement ring is meant to be a symbol of love, passion and commitment --no matter the price tag.

The Essential Guide: Caring For Your Engagement Ring

Once that ring goes on your finger, you’ve not only gained a fiancé –you have a new prized possession to admire. And while your engagement ring will always look beautiful from afar, it’s up to you to keep that close-up view as sparkly as the day you got it. This isn’t just an ordinary piece of jewelry, so before you grab your cleaning supplies, make sure you’re following specific instructions to care for your new carats.

6 Unique Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings We're Loving Right Now

Love the look of a vintage engagement ring,but want to keep it modern? Look no further than one of these stunning vintage inspired engagement rings. 

Bridal designers are incorporating details from past eras in their ring designs today more than ever before. Vintage inspired rings, with details like milgrain and unique filigree and unexpected diamond halos, are one of the most desirable engagement ring styles at the moment. 

Take a look at some of our favorite vintage inspired rings that we've hand selected from our collection: 


2018 Engagement Ring Trends: 6 Designs You'll Be Seeing Everywhere!

Each year we look forward to seeing which styles and trends are on top, and 2018 is shaping up to be a great year! Minimalist styles, with the focus on a center stone, will definitely continue to be big. Whether it's oval, cushion, or round, we are loving simple settings with amazing stones. Color will also play a major role in both metal and stone choice. We're seeing a lot of rose gold and sapphires in the future! Looking for the perfect ring? Read on to learn about our top predictions for 2018 engagement ring trends!

Our Favorite Customer Engagement Rings of 2017

Minimalist rings topped the charts in 2017. We loved seeing so many beautiful solitaires with both plain and diamond bands, and also how people are tweaking this classic look with a few unique twists. While round cut diamonds were overwhelmingly the number one choice for shape, we did start to see some fancy shape diamonds making a splash like cushion, oval and pear. Rose gold seems to be standing strong as the alternative metal of choice even though platinum and white gold are still holding their number one spot. Halos also look like they’re here to stay. We particularly loved a cushion halo paired with a round stone.

Thank you to all our brides and grooms for sharing your beautiful rings and proposal stories! Here are a few of our favorites from 2017!