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Proposal Stories


A Long's Proposal Story: Grace & Jack

The perfect fall proposal! Read on to see how Jack surprised Grace with her beautiful, new ring.

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A Long's Proposal Story: Meaghan & Logan

A long distance love finds a happily ever after in Boston! Read on to see how Logan surprised Meaghan with her stunning, new ring.

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A Long's Proposal Story: Amy & Chris

Childhood friends reconnect and are ready to spend the rest of their lives together! Read on to see how Chris surprised Amy with her beautiful, new ring in Marblehead.

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A Long's Proposal Story: Jenna & Jonathan

A small town girl finds her happily ever after on Block Island! Read on to see how Jonathan surprised Jenna with her stunning, new ring.

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A Long's Proposal Story: Jennifer & Axel

A walk through Post Office Square ends with a big surprise! Read on to see how Axel surprised Jennifer with her lovely, new ring.

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A Long's Proposal Story: Raena & Corey

Finding love and happiness in Barcelona! Read on to see how Corey surprised Raena with her stunning, new ring during their recent trip to Spain.

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