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What Is Edwardian Jewelry?

Throughout history there have been some pretty amazing and distinct eras in jewelry and fashion. Each era has its own unique design styles and traits setting it apart from any other period in history. One of the most innovative & luxurious eras in jewelry history was the Edwardian jewelry era which took place from 1901 - 1915.

Estate Diamond Rings For The Vintage Lover

Do you love everything vintage? If so, we're assuming a vintage diamond ring is on your wish list. Vintage rings are the perfect addition to your vintage jewelry collection as they truly are one-of-a-kind with their amazing craftsmanship and uniqueness. 

Each diamond ring in our estate collection exhibits an essence of beauty from the past. Trends come and go but will never go out style with their classic and eternal style. Since no two rings in our collection are the same, it's a difficult task to pick our favorites! Here is our list of six estate diamond rings that caught our eye and are sure to catch yours too.

7 Beautiful Vintage Wedding Jewelry Pieces For Any Bride

Something old is now something new! In this case we are talking about vintage wedding jewelry. The jewelry itself may be old, but it will be brand new to your collection. No matter if you're having a vintage theme wedding or your just a personal vintage lover, you will look gorgeous walking down the aisle decked out in pieces of the past. 

Most brides today want to make a statement more than ever and show that every aspect of their big day is unique, including what jewelry they decide to pair with their dress. Brides want to be wearing pieces that are both meaningful and beautifully made, and you get that and more with vintage jewelry.

Vintage jewelry isn't for every bride, but if you are considering vintage jewels, then you'll love these 7 vintage wedding jewelry pieces we are bringing you from our beautiful estate collection. They all represent vintage trends, traditional precious metals and artisan craftsmanship!

Beautiful Diamond Estate Jewelry Under $1,000

Want to find the perfect sparkly piece of jewelry, but also want to stay within a certain budget? You're going to fall in love with some of our favorite diamond jewels from our extensive estate collection that'll have you shining bright at an affordable price!

Who says you have to spend an exorbitant amount to find beautiful diamonds? We took the time to look through our diamond estate jewelry and see what caught our eye. Lucky for you, everything we picked is under $1,000!

If you are in the market for some diamond estate jewelry and haven't treated yourself in a while, find the perfect statement piece that will leave everyone talking.

Vintage Pearl Jewelry For The Girl With An Old Soul

When you were younger, did you spend a lot of time playing around in your mother's or grandmother's jewelry box? I'm sure you found a few beautiful pearls in there while you were digging! Pearls have a reputation of being classic, old school, and a throwback to older times. But that doesn't mean that you can't still find pearl jewelry that you can dress up to look much more modern and chic. 

For our vintage lovers out there, we've looked through our estate jewelry collection to bring you our favorite estate and vintage pearl jewelry pieces. From unique pearl studs, to chunky bracelets, to old fashioned pins, we've got every style of estate pearl jewelry you can imagine. 

We picked out some of the best vintage and estate pearl jewels that really cater to a girl with an old soul:

7 Bold and Beautiful Estate Cocktail Rings

Big, oversize accessories are always a must for upscale events or a great way to add something special to an otherwise simple outfit. One of our favorite over-the-top accessories is the cocktail ring! And we have hundreds of show-stopping cocktail rings hidden in our extensive estate jewelry collection.

It makes sense that our most beautiful and glamorous cocktail rings are in our estate collection since these rings became popular back in the 1940’s and 50’s when cocktail parties were all the rage. This strong statement piece has been making a splash in the fashion world for a while now, and in our opinion, a statement cocktail ring is a classic piece every woman should own.

Today, we're bringing you seven cocktail rings that will not only complete every outfit, but also show off your personality. They are bold, colorful and fun!