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Our Buyers' Top Vintage & Estate Picks for the Holidays

This holiday season, if you're searching for a unique and beautiful piece that is sure to make a statement, look no further than our vintage and estate collection. Our buyers have selected 6 designer pieces, each with a one-of-a-kind history, that you can't go wrong with this year!

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An Introduction to Pre-Owned Jewelry

 One of the fun things about previously owned jewelry is that every piece tells a story and is a piece of history. Previously jewelry can usually be repaired and polished back to its original state and, when purchased from a reputable jeweler, comes with a commitment of quality and longevity.

The best part is that the price of pre-owned piece of jewelry can be 20 to 40% less than a similar new piece. Use this guide to help you learn about the different major historical eras of jewelry, identify categories that resonate with your style and speak to you!