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Vintage Vows: A History Of Vintage Engagement Rings Over The Years

Your love is one-of-a-kind, shouldn't your engagement ring be too? This year, it's all about vintage vows! From the romantic designs of the Victorian Era to the flashy diamond intensive style of Modern engagement rings, vintage engagement rings are all the rage on the Red Carpet and throughout Hollywood.

Whether you're a history lover or not, there is something to be said about the tradition and significance of giving/receiving a vintage engagement ring. Antique rings combine the romance of an era's past with details you can't find on more modern rings, like filigree and hand craftmanship. 

You'll be amazed to see how engagement rings have transformed over the years. Pick your favorite era, and see a few of our favorite examples from the Long's estate collection for each:

7 Breathtaking Sapphire & Diamond Estate Engagement Rings

The search to find that perfect ring isn't easy and not all women want that modern or traditional style sparkler. So how can you make sure to get her a unique engagement ring she'll love forever? Colorful gemstones are a great alternative to the traditional diamond ring, but nothing says one-of-a-kind like a vintage engagement ring.

You don't have to be born in September to appreciate the beauty of the symbolic sapphire. For centuries, blue sapphires have been a symbol of loyalty, making them the perfect stone of choice for an engagement ring. With that in mind, it's no surprise that before diamonds, these deep blue gems were actually the preferred stone for engagement rings.

Now sapphires and diamonds are used together in a variety of fine jewelry, including engagement rings. Stand out from the crowd with one of these seven previously-owned sapphire and diamond engagement rings: 

7 Fiery Ruby Vintage & Estate Pieces For July [Just In]

Rubies are one of the most important and historically significant gems. Long treasured for their deep red hues, early cultures compared the color of rubies to the blood running through their veins, believing them to hold the power of life. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, ruby is called 'ratnaraj', meaning  "king of precious stones."

The desire for rubies remains as strong as ever, building its reputation as a symbol of wealth and success over the years. The gemstone's red is associated with our most intense emotions; love and anger, passion and fury. All of these add to the stone's reputation as "king" of  gems.

What better way to celebrate July than with an exquisite estate pieces featuring its famous birthstone? Here are 7 fiery ruby estate pieces you won't want to miss:

5 Yellow Gold & Coral Estate Jewelry You'll LOVE [Just-In]

Looking for the next exquisite stand out piece for your estate collection? What better way welcome summer than by adding a little color to your look! A stone of passion and nature, coral is believed to absorb negative energy and spark creativity and passion. 

Yellow gold and coral is one of our favorite combinations. The beautiful coloring of the gemstone pairs perfectly with yellow gold and makes for the perfect summer accessory. We searched through our collection to bring you our top 5 pieces just in time.

Brighten up your estate jewelry collection with one of these colorful treasures:

Yellow Gold & Opal Estate Jewelry That Will Leave You Speechless [Just In]

Also called the "Eye Stone," opals are often compared to looking at lightning in a rainbow. The only gemstone whose formation contains a variety of patterns and colors, opals are believed to be so appealing that they inspire love, hope, innocence, purity, and happiness.

Romans valued opal as the most precious and powerful gemstone of all due to its multitude of colors. It is this unique trait that makes the precious stone so popular today. Flashing it's legendary  "fire" with every movement, it is hard to ever look away from the mesmerizing gem. The playful colors of opal against yellow gold is one of our favorite combinations. 

Here are some exquisite yellow gold and opal estate pieces from our collection we know you'll love...

6 Mesmerizing Gold & Sapphire Estate Pieces [Just-In]

Having trouble finding the next priceless piece to add to your vintage jewelry collection? We’re here to help! Sapphire has long believed to be a stone of wisdom and royalty. As one of strongest gemstones (after diamonds), the prized deep blue color of this gem is highly sought after in jewelry. 

Pairing a magnificent sapphire stone with yellow gold in jewelry is one of our favorite combinations. The warm glow of gold pairs perfectly with the deep, rich color of sapphire.

We've searched through our extensive estate jewelry collection to bring you 6 mesmerizing gold and sapphire estate jewelry pieces that we know you'll love. Take a look!