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Vintage Engagement Rings

9 Unique Vintage Style Engagement Rings [Feat. Real Vintage Diamonds]

9 Unique Vintage Style Engagement Rings [Feat. Real Vintage Diamonds]

Inspired by the decades that brought us art deco, retro and mid-century modernist rings, vintage style rings are new yet timeless. If you love a classic look for less, vintage style rings are a must!

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7 Reasons to Propose with a Vintage Engagement Ring

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, the process can be overwhelming. Does it match her style? Does it fit your budget? Will she like it? This is why we have made your decision making process easier by coming up with the top 7 reasons go with a vintage engagement ring instead.

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5 Vintage Engagement Rings To Say Yes To

Vintage engagement rings are having a moment, and we’re excited. There’s something especially romantic about having a ring from the past. From cluster designs to Old European cuts, take a look at 5 stunning vintage engagement rings currently in our collection!

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6 Vintage Engagement Rings With Intricate & Unique Details

Do you have a retro style and love everything vintage? Then maybe a vintage engagement ring with beautiful and intricate details is just what you need for your future!

Appreciating the craftsmanship that has gone into a vintage ring should be on the top of your list. Years ago, the majority of vintage rings were crafted by hand. Because of this, you'll find slight variance between the detailing on vintage rings, and no two rings will be exactly the same. This means your ring can truly be one-of-a-kind!

Knowing that these rings were possibly worn by another couple in love and that they were crafted with the utmost care are just some of the reasons that vintage rings remain high in demand. Here are some of our favorite vintage engagement rings with unique details that we know you'll love:

7 Breathtaking Sapphire & Diamond Estate Engagement Rings

The search to find that perfect ring isn't easy and not all women want that modern or traditional style sparkler. So how can you make sure to get her a unique engagement ring she'll love forever? Colorful gemstones are a great alternative to the traditional diamond ring, but nothing says one-of-a-kind like a vintage engagement ring.

You don't have to be born in September to appreciate the beauty of the symbolic sapphire. For centuries, blue sapphires have been a symbol of loyalty, making them the perfect stone of choice for an engagement ring. With that in mind, it's no surprise that before diamonds, these deep blue gems were actually the preferred stone for engagement rings.

Now sapphires and diamonds are used together in a variety of fine jewelry, including engagement rings. Stand out from the crowd with one of these seven previously-owned sapphire and diamond engagement rings: