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Jaguar & Land Rover - 2015 Showroom Opening Event!

12314663_1102500183095337_983268337574929536_o.jpg12314727_1102500009762021_7751792488204304523_o.jpgIMG_7200_1.jpgTop photos courtesy of Elise Marie Sinagra and Jaguar Landrover Peabody; Bottom photo courtesy of Zoe Rousseau and North Shore Magazine

Picture this: A lavishly long red carpet, leading the way inside the front door of a big event. It instantly transforms into the train of a woman's gown. A perfect scarlet statuesque woman elevated into the air. Upon entering, Zoe, a photographer from Northshore Magazine, asks to take a photograph of you just underneath her. Happy to oblige, you pose and are then offered a "New Fashioned," a delicious specialty cocktail created just for the occasion. Jazz music is playing to the right of the bar setting the tone of the night. The hottest black Range Rover with its doors unlocked just for you to be the honorary trial driver.

12314182_1102497653095590_713963229148799202_o-396948-edited.jpgPhoto courtesy of Elise Marie Sinagra and Jaguar Landrover Peabody

Lighting perfectly lit, you can see your reflection off the shimmery black finish on the convertible Jaguar. Open the door and the crisp white leather interior invites you in with high tech gadgets at your fingertips. You might also be introduced to Jenn or Steve, part of the interactive Jaguar team, ready to answer all questions you have. What a way to be welcomed to the NEW Jaguar & Land Rover Showroom here in Peabody, Massachusetts!

It seemed only fitting that Long's Jewelers made an appearance, bringing a selection of beautifully hand crafted jewelry by Gurhan and John Hardy. We had also set up selected timepieces from Rolex, Breitling and Shinola. Not only could you book a test drive, we wanted to ensure you’d be fitted for your next stand-out timepiece. Heading further past the catering bar there was even a cigar rolling service. Why not enjoy watching a skilled craftswoman create a tightly rolled cigar made to order? Just to their left, a station of special liqueurs are set up just for you to sample.

Top photo courtesy of Zoe Rousseau and North Shore Magazine; Bottom photo courtesy of Elise Marie Sinagra and Jaguar Landrover Peabody

Half way through the night, the room was hushed and Mayor Bettencourt is introduced. As everyone's attention turns to the center of the room, he announces the ribbon cutting and explains how he is honored to be part of the night. The scissors are in place and the ribbon is snipped! A round of applause erupts and the crowd returns to the festivities.

During the course of the night, over 300 loyal customers made appearances. All enjoying the entertainment, catering, jewelry and not to mention the coolest of cars. Upon leaving, gift bags were handed out and inside a matching pair of Land Rover inscribed brandy glasses. All in all, an event to be remembered and talked about for years to come. From our team at Long's, welcome back to the neighborhood!