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Stackable Diamond Eternity Rings To Mark Your 5+ Year Anniversary

A lot has changed since you stood across from each other and said "I do." Can you believe how quickly time flies? For couples in our culture every 5th, 10th, 20th, and 25th year of marriage represents a special landmark that carries its own symbolic meaning. Your fifth anniversary is a very special milestone, which is why it deserves a very special gift. 

While traditionally wood is known as the fifth wedding anniversary gift, we have a better way to commemorate the occasion that will blow your wife away. After all, this is the first of many major milestones that lie ahead, so why not mark it with a gift that can grow with your relationship?  

A beautiful diamond stacking ring is the perfect thing to gift your wife to mark your first five years. Stacking anniversary rings are a fashionable and sentimental way to continue to honor your future anniversaries as well. Mix and match styles and sizes to create an amazing stack that celebrates each significant relationship milestone. Whether you stack the ring with your wedding set or wear it separately, it will serve as a reminder of how much your love continues to grow. 

Here are five stacking anniversary rings that would make the perfect gift for the occasion:

8 Roberto Coin Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Needs

Since his introduction into the world of fine jewelry in 1977,  Venetian gold jewelry designer Roberto Coin has brought creativity and elegance together to produce a diverse collection of innovative, timeless pieces. 

The distinct brand was born in 1996 and is noted for excellent Italian workmanship and inspired jewelry. Coin's passion for fashion, design, and his entrepreneurial spirit have made him one of the most influential designers in the world of fine jewelry. A master of light, shape, and color he has become known for authoring the most interesting jewelry trends of the past few decades across the world, making him not just an amazing designer, but an industry icon.

"I always look for what has never been done before, and it's important to me to create something which is new in the market" - Roberto Coin sets himself apart from the rest with his innovative designs, and he is constantly producing new pieces. Check out Roberto's eight style essentials that every girl needs in her jewelry box: 

John Hardy's Eight Fashion Jewelry Favorites [For Her]

Established in Bali in 1975, artist and visionary John Hardy established his authentic collection. Enchanted by the Island's beauty, Hardy's collections fuse the ancient traditions of southeast Asian culture with modernity through artisan, hand-crafted jewelry. 

For the seekers, explorers, and story tellers, John Hardy pieces are more than jewelry, they are an eternal connection to the source of the line's indigenous inspiration.  Recognized as the "Original Green Designer," John Hardy does much more than dazzle with his stunning designs in the world of fine jewelry, creating sustainable luxury since 1989.

From the fiercely coiled dragons of the Naga collection to soft smooth stones of Kali, dress up any outfit with a piece from each of John Hardy's 8 favorite accessories.

Marco Bicego's 8 Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Needs

Luxury Italian jewelry designer, Marco Bicego, combines old world tradition with contemporary design in his collections of exquisite gold jewelry. The brand was established in 1958 in the Venetian region of Italy where its headquarters have remained since. 

Handed down to him by his father, heritage and tradition are a big part of the Bicego brand. Grounded in the experience of family gold smith traditions, Marco uses his three signature hallmarks and passion for Italian creativity  to re-define gold jewelry! With multicolored gemstones, hand twisted coil, and hand engraved 18K gold, the signature Bicego look has become one of the most coveted among fashionistas and fine jewelry lovers across the world.

Be ready for any occasion with a piece from each of Marco Bicego's "Essential 8":

24K vs 18K vs 14K Gold: Which Karat Is "Better?"


If you're trying to figure out the "best" type of gold jewelry to buy, the answer isn't as simple as it seems. Similar to the way diamonds are measured by the four C's, gold is measured in karats. This unit of measurement tells us the percentage of gold in a piece.

Gold's prominence in the world of fine jewelry is second to none. However, pure gold is often combined with additional metals like silver, copper, nickel, and zinc that provide the naturally soft gold with the strength necessary to craft earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.18K and 14K are the types of gold most commonly seen in jewelry.

The karat amount accounts for not only gold's prestige and price, but coloring as well. That being said, determining the best karat gold for you is dependent on much more than gold purity and price. To answer this question, you must consider the type of jewelry, how often you will wear it,what you'll be doing when you wear it, coloring, and much more. 

24K vs 18K vs 14K vs 10K? Here are the main differences you should understand before making any buying decisions:

This Summer's 6 Hottest Jewelry Trends

 It's finally starting to feel like summer here in Boston! At Long's, we're always staying on top of the industry's constantly changing fashion trends. Welcome the warm weather in style with these summer essentials.

We've brought you some of the newest, hottest designer pieces to keep up with the latest jewelry trends. From free-spirited earrings, to layering bangles and thin cuffs, to over sized gemstone rings, you won't want to miss these new styles that will keep you on top of your fashion game. 

Pack up your the last of your winter sweaters and update your jewelry box with this summer's must-have pieces