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The Essential 8 Pieces Every Woman Should Own [Holiday 2016]

The Essential 8 Pieces Every Woman Should Own [Holiday 2016]

A fine jewelry collection should last a lifetime, maybe even having some pieces to pass down to younger generations. It should last longer than your clothes in your closet, and creating it deserves as much attention or maybe more than your fashionable wardrobe. 

The journey of building your collection starts by investing in core pieces. In this gift guide, we've provided you with eight essentials that are all must-haves. These pieces are the foundation that allows you to create a signature look. They are the starting point of showing you how to mix and match, add colors you wouldn't usually go for, and learn how to layer and stack to make volume. 

Whether you're shopping for yourself this Holiday season or looking to help build your significant other's jewelry collection, you can't go wrong with these eight jewelry essentials! 

1. Classic Ear Studs

Diamond Halo Studs           Diamond Studs in 14K White Gold

Featured: Diamond Halo Studs, Diamond Studs in 14K White Gold ($725); All diamond studs are avilable in a variety of sizes, styles and prices at Long's.

A pair of diamond ear studs never go out of style. They will take you from a night out looking fabulous and classy to a job interview looking professional. Round diamond studs always use to be the go-to classic, but times are changing. Oval and square cut are moving out of being just a trend and are now being recognized as a contemporary classic. This gives you three gorgeous options to make your ears sparkle and shine! 

2. Stackable and Layers

 Gumuchian Sapphire & Diamond Marabella Stacking RingsGumuchian Nutmeg Diamond Stacking Rings in Yellow & White GoldBracelet Stack.jpg

Featured: Gumuchian Sapphire & Diamond Marabella Stacking Rings, Gumuchian Nutmeg Diamond Stacking Rings in 18K Yellow & White Gold, Shared Prong Diamond Bangle in 18K White, Channel Set Diamond Bangle in 18K White Gold, Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18K White Gold (All Avaliable at Long's)

You might think that you can't change your jewelry wardrobe from day to day. But, just like your fashion wardrobe, your jewelry wardrobe can be changed up in a blink of an eye thanks to the art of stacking and layering. By combining multiple pieces in new ways, it allows you to change your jewelry wardrobe from one day to the next. 2016 has been the breakout year for mixing and matching your jewels. Be a part of the trend by mixing and match metals, colors, styles and sizes.

With rings, look for east-west settings because they are easier to stack on top of each other. With bracelets you can go in any direction by stacking different size cuffs or have a couple nice quality bracelets that really sparkle next to each other. A new trend in the necklace department? Layering a choker with a longer necklace. When stacking and layering jewelry, you have a real opportunity to make yourself a unique and trendy look!

3. Cuff Bracelets 

Geometric_Cuff_by_Penny_Preville-1.jpg   John_Hardy_Legends_Cuff_1-1.jpg


Featured: Penny Preville 18K Yellow Gold Geometric Cuff ($6,395), John Hardy Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold Legends Macan Heritage Limited Edition Cuff Bracelet ($1,750)

The cuff bracelet can make or break any outfit. If you and your friends are having a casual night with jeans and a t-shirt, step your look up by complementing the simple outfit with a cuff. It will add just the right amount of glam. Cuff bracelets can be paired with a stack of bangles for an even bolder or dressed up look as well.

No matter what your style, having a cuff in your collection is necessary. But, keep in mind when searching for the one you want that the workmanship should be excellent since daily wear can take a toll on this statement piece. 

4. Cocktail Rings

Oscar Heyman Rubelite & Diamond Ring Oscar Heyman Opal & Diamond Ring Oscar Heyman Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Featured: Oscar Heyman Rubelite & Diamond Ring in Platinum, Oscar Heyma Opal & Diamond Ring in Platinum, Oscar Heyman Sapphire & Diamond Ring in Platinum (All rings available at Long's)

A great cocktail ring is the ultimate form of elegance and glam, it can be the factor that pulls a look together. They add volume, color and bold contrast and of course catch everyone's eye instantly. Most cocktail rings are set with a large center gemstone, usually a bold color surrounded by smaller gems or diamonds around it. By having a ring with multiple gems, it shows off unexpected color combinations that you usually wouldn't see together but that actually complement each other nicely. When you find the cocktail that takes your breath away (and everyone else's), it allows you to show off your creative side and look super glamorous. 

5. A Classic Watch

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150mm Omega Master Co-Axial 34mm Omega De Ville Prestige Quartz 27.4mm

Featured: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Omega Master Co-Axial 34mm in Steel, Omega De Ville Prestige Quartz 27.4mm in Steel & Red Gold (Both watches available at Long's)

Knowing the value of classics is very important. Things like a tailored blazer, a good handbag and diamond stud earrings are what we call classic investment pieces. These are the pieces that don't just last you a season, they last many years and don't go out of style.

Now if you already have these, then it's time to add a nice luxury watch to your collection - another classic investment piece that is worth the money. It should be a high quality timepiece with a strong case of gold, steel, ceramic or titanium. The bracelet or strap should be sturdy, something that won't ware out about a year after being worn. A classic timepiece should be both clean and simple, and show off good taste and class. Things to look out for are needle thin markers, slim profiles, neutral dial colors and basic functions of hours, minutes and seconds. This is a purchase that might take a little longer than others, but once you decide, you will love the feeling of looking down at your wrist and seeing it shine. 

6. Drop Earrings 

Opal Drop Earrings.jpge1604.jpg

Featured: Opal Drop Earrings (Available at Long's in variety of colors and styles), Dana Rebecca "Rochelle Jo" 14K Diamond Drop Earrings ($1,785)

Drop earrings frame your face and help create a polished first impression. That's why having a beautiful pair of drop earrings is considered one of the most important elements when building your jewelry collection. Stud earrings are great, but drop earrings have something that studs don't have - versatility. They add a pop of color next to your face and help certain features stand out more. Colored stones can bring out the blue or green in your eyes and more neutral tones add the right amount of sparkle and movement. Make your first impression count with a beautiful pair of drop earrings!

7. Your Signature Piece

Penny Preville Deco Diamond Pendant in 18K White Gold       Monica Rich Kosann Rectangular Gate Locket with White Sapphires in Sterling Silver         Signature - Tiny Treasures-782509-edited.jpg

Featured: Penny Preville Deco Diamond Pendant in 18K White Gold ($7,350), Monica Rich Kosann Rectangular Gate Locket with White Sapphires in Sterling Silver ($835), Roberto Coin Tiny Treasure Diamond Pendants (Prices Vary, Available at Long's)

When you find your signature piece, it becomes something that defines your style and can express your personality. This is a piece that is worn frequently; some people even make it part of their everyday look. Your signature piece should have significant value to your life. It can be a piece with an engraved quote that is special to you, a locket with personal photos of family or friends, or a initial necklace. If you go with an initial necklace, it doesn't always have to be your initial. We are now seeing people go with the first initial of a parent or child. This is a piece you will hold very close to you and that people will start to identify as your personal style. 

8. Long Necklace

          Monica Rich Kosann Oval Black Ceramic Locket w/ Diamond Accents            Penny Preville 18K Yellow Gold Harlow Deco Scroll Necklace

Featured: Monica Rich Kosann Oval Black Ceramic Locket with Diamond Accents in 18K Yellow Gold ($6,895), Penny Preville 18K Yellow Gold Harlow Deco Scroll 34" Necklace with Diamonds ($4,850)

We see stars on the red carpet rocking bold, long necklaces all the time, so now it's time for you to get one as well! A great long necklace has the power to turn your average outfit into a party outfit. A simple long necklace can be wrapped around a few times or layered with others to add volume just like chunky long necklaces. These fabulous necklaces are also a great way to add color to any outfit. This necklace will always make a statement no matter which way you wear it because it's something you proudly wear for special moments. 

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