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John Hardy's Eight Fashion Jewelry Favorites [For Her]

John Hardy 8 Jewelry Essentials

Established in Bali in 1975, artist and visionary John Hardy established his authentic collection. Enchanted by the Island's beauty, Hardy's collections fuse the ancient traditions of southeast Asian culture with modernity through artisan, hand-crafted jewelry. 

For the seekers, explorers, and story tellers, John Hardy pieces are more than jewelry, they are an eternal connection to the source of the line's indigenous inspiration.  Recognized as the "Original Green Designer," John Hardy does much more than dazzle with his stunning designs in the world of fine jewelry, creating sustainable luxury since 1989.

From the fiercely coiled dragons of the Naga collection to soft smooth stones of Kali, dress up any outfit with a piece from each of John Hardy's 8 favorite accessories.

1) Long Necklace - For That Layered Look 

 John Hardy Bamboo Sautoir Necklace John Hardy Classic Chain Short Knot Station NecklaceJohn Hardy Dot Disc Stations Sautoir Necklace


Featured: Bamboo Sautoir 36" Necklace, Classic Chain 36" Short Knot Station Necklace, Dot Disc Stations Sautoir 36" Necklace

The warm weather is finally here! Lose the scarves and break out a long necklace.This timeless staple is a Hardy favorite, and one of the summer's hottest jewelry trends. Perfect for any occasion, long necklaces make an appearance in majority of John Hardy's collections. Layer this accessory with your favorite strand of diamonds or loop the single strand around twice for a look that's always fresh. Get even more creative and wear this piece as a wrap bracelet or waistlet to perfect your summer look. Let your imagination run wild with one (or more) of these multifaceted necklaces. 

2) Offbeat Cuff

John Hardy Sterling Silver and Gold Legends Naga Dragon Slim Kick Cuff John Hardy Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Legends Macan Heritage Limited Edition Cuff John Hardy Sterling Silver Bamboo Medium Kick Cuff



Featured: Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Legends Naga Dragon Slim Kick Cuff, Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Legends Macan Heritage Limited Edition Cuff BraceletSterling Silver Bamboo Medium Kick Cuff

Stand out from the crowd with a stunning offbeat cuff bracelet. Whether you accessorize with a fiercely coiled dragon cuff from the Naga collection or a large Macan Heritage cuff, these standout pieces are unlike any other in the fine jewelry industry. His original and distinct designs emulate the Balinese inspiration from which they were created and are sure to turn heads.

3) Mixed Metals


John Hardy Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Station Sautoir NecklaceJohn Hardy Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Legends Naga Pear Shaped EarringsJohn Hardy Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Dot Round Disc Ring

Featured: Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Station Sautoir 36" Necklace, Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Legends Naga Pear Shape Earrings,Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Dot Round Disc Ring

Mixing and matching metals continues to grow as a popular style trend this year, and it's one of Hardy's favorites! Combinations of sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, and 18K white gold throughout his collections give the artisan-crafted pieces that signature bold look. A guaranteed safe pairing no matter what color the hardware on your favorite purse is, these mixed metal pieces will give your outfit the extra dimension you never knew it needed.

4) Coil "Wrap" Bracelets

John Hardy Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Dot Double Coil BraceletJohn Hardy Dot Double Coil Bracelet BBP999072DI_Main.jpg

Featured: Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Dot Double Coil Bracelet, Dot Double Coil Bracelet, Classic Chain Medium Coil Bracelet

Add a little more flair to your outfit with a signature John Hardy coil bracelet. Unlike the traditional bracelet or bangle these double, triple, and multiple coils make their own fashion statement. The perfect accessory to upgrade any look - wrap your wrist in a classic coil bracelet for that signature Hardy look. 

5) Right-Hand Rings

John Hardy Yellow Gold Classic Chain Dome RingJohn Hardy Bamboo Sterling SIlver Guava Chalcendony Orb Ring

Featured: Yellow Gold Classic Chain Dome Ring, Bamboo Sterling Silver Guava Chalcedony Orb Ring

Every woman needs a great statement ring! Why not raise the bar? Get yourself a standout Hardy ring while keeping up with the hottest trends by mixing and matching an array of colorful bold rings on your fingers. John Hardy's standard takes statement pieces to new heights. Gone are the days where everything has to match - add some color and creativity to your jewel box with a statement ring unlike any other.

6) Classic Studs

John Hardy SSE2914.jpegDFE3800_1024x1024.jpeg

Featured: Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Classic Chain Small Square Pave Earrings, Classic Chain Stud Earrings with London Blue Topaz, Yellow Gold Bamboo Small Round Stud Earrings with Diamond Pave

Classic studs are the perfect ornament for every woman, day or night. Dress up your outfit with colorful classic chain earrings to get that iconic Hardy look or opt for a pair of elegant diamond pave studs from the extensive Bamboo collection. A John Hardy favorite that allows you to add sparkle, shine, and color to your look without overwhelming it.

7) Stack Bracelet


Featured: Classic Chain Small Bracelet with Diamond Pave, Sterling Silver Dot Slim Flex Cuff,Sterling Silver Dot Slim Chain Bracelet

The next John Hardy essential? Stacking bracelets! These Hardy must-haves make the perfect accessory for any occasion. Designed using old world techniques in sterling silver 18K yellow gold, diamonds, and gemstones these bracelets are the epitome of beauty and elegance. The most instantly recognized of these is the iconic classic chain (shown above) known for the 'rentai' (Balinese word for "woven chain") design that has become a signature Hardy look. Layer both the delicate and bold bracelets throughout his collections for a bespoke look. If you're searching for a piece you'll never get tired of, invest in this Hardy favorite and start stacking.

8) Destination Bali! (Hot Summer Colors)

BBS9995271PMCI_Main.jpg NBS59281TQ_Main.jpg  BZS39591IRB_Main.jpg

Featured: Silver Legends Cobra Bead Bracelet with Citrine Gemstone, Sterling Silver Bamboo Turqouise Bead Necklace, Dot Gold and Silver Indian Ruby Beads Bracelet.(Interested in any of the pieces above? Contact our store today for more information on these special order items).

Feel the wanderlust instantly with John Hardy's island inspired escape.  Add some color and fun to your collection with beaded styles that capture Bali's mesmerizing tropical hues. Take the time-honored traditions of John Hardy local artisans with you to The Cape this year. Wherever your vacationing this year these bohemian chic accessories are ideal for dressing up summers by the shore.

Fall in love with any of the pieces from John Hardy's seven must-haves? Contact us or visit any of our five New England locations to see these accessories in person! 

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