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Marco Bicego's 8 Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Needs

Marco BIcego Lunaria Gold and Lapis Cocktail Ring and Bangle

Luxury Italian jewelry designer, Marco Bicego, combines old world tradition with contemporary design in his collections of exquisite gold jewelry. The brand was established in 1958 in the Venetian region of Italy where its headquarters have remained since. 

Handed down to him by his father, heritage and tradition are a big part of the Bicego brand. Grounded in the experience of family gold smith traditions, Marco uses his three signature hallmarks and passion for Italian creativity  to re-define gold jewelry! With multicolored gemstones, hand twisted coil, and hand engraved 18K gold, the signature Bicego look has become one of the most coveted among fashionistas and fine jewelry lovers across the world.

Be ready for any occasion with a piece from each of Marco Bicego's "Essential 8":

1) Classic Italian Collar

Lunaria Gold Collar NecklaceAfrica Gold Collar Necklace

Featured: Lunaria Yellow Gold Collar Necklace, Africa Yellow Gold Collar Necklace

This statement piece makes an appearance in almost all of  Bicego's collections. The classic collar is an essential that can always transition from day to night, so it's easy to go from corporate glam to girl's night out with this one! Refined, elegant, and classy, the Italian collar is a piece that will last you a lifetime and never go out of style. 

2) Statement Earrings

Lunaria Yellow Gold Double Leaf Drop EarringsLunaria Yellow Gold EarringsLunaria Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings

Featured: Lunaria Yellow Gold Double Leaf Drop Earrings, Lunaria Yellow Gold Earrings, Lunaria Yellow Gold Earrings with Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Bold statement earrings are a crucial piece in any jewelry collection - and the bigger the better. These over sized earrings have that signature Bicego look and are perfect for dressing up any outfit! This beautiful piece  can be worn time and time again. If you're looking to add some luxury and richness to your outfit, these will work every time!

3) Stacked Bracelets

Marco Bicego Goa Yellow Gold Three Strand BraceletMarco Bicego Siviglia Yellow Gold Bangle with DiamondsMarco Bicego Marrakech Rose Gold Twist Bracelet Marco Bicego Marrakech White Gold Twist Bracelet with Diamonds   

Featured: Goa Yellow Gold Three Strand Bracelet, Siviglia Yellow Gold Bangle with Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Marrakech Rose Gold Twist Bracelet, Marrakech White Gold Twist Bracelet with Diamonds

Stacking bracelets is one of the hottest trends of the season. With just a few of these gorgeous bracelets comes endless styling possibilities. Mix and match these pieces to add both texture and weight to your look. Get creative with your layering by pairing different metals and switching up the number of bracelets on each wrist. If you're looking for a way to always keep your look fresh, start stacking!

4) Timeless Studs

Marco Bicego Africa Yellow Gold Stud EarringsMarco Bicego Jaipur Yellow Gold Citrine Stud EarringsMarco Bicego Jaipur Yellow Gold Lapis Stud Earrings

Featured: Africa Yellow Gold Stud Earrings, Jaipur Yellow Gold Citrine Stud Earrings, Jaipur Yellow Gold Lapis Stud Earrings

Every woman needs a pair of studs. This elegant staple piece will never go out of style. Add the perfect amount touch of shine, sparkle, or color to any outfit with a pair of Marco Bicego's gorgeous yellow gold stud earrings. Sometimes less is more - glam up your outfit without overwhelming it with this Bicego essential. 

5) Classic Yellow Ring

Marco Bicego Jaipur Yellow Gold Ring Marco Bicego Lunaria Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds Marco Bicego Goa Yellow Gold Ring

Featured: Jaipur Yellow Gold RingLunaria Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds, Goa Yellow Gold Ring

Simple but refined. The yellow ring is a Bicego classic! The perfect accessory for any look, give your outfit an elegant touch with a little gold shine. The versatility of this staple piece is what makes it ideal for dressing up any occasion.

6) Mixed Metal

 OG296-B-3C.jpg Marco Bicego Goa Yellow White Rose Gold Seven Strand Diamond Ring  Marrakech Yellow and White Gold Supreme Two Strand Collar Necklace

Featured: Goa Yellow, White, and Rose Gold Earrings, Goa Yellow, White, and Rose Gold Seven Strand Ring with Diamonds, Marrakech Yellow & White Gold Supreme Two Strand Collar Necklace.

Add a little something extra to your everyday look by pairing yellow, white, and rose gold together. Bicego's Goa collection provides a wide array of mixed metal pieces for that signature bold look; however, you could also get this style by mixing and matching pieces throughout his collections. Pairing different metals adds a deeper dimension to any outfit. Turn business casual into office chic with this Marco Bicego essential.

7) Long Layering Necklaces

Marco Bicego Jaipur Yellow Gold NecklaceMarco Bicego Siviglia Yellow Gold Necklace

Featured: 47.25" Jaipur Yellow Gold Necklace, 39.25" Siviglia Yellow Gold Necklace

Long layering necklaces are a key accessory for every woman. Keep it simple with a single long necklace, or spice things up by mixing textures and colors for a one-of-a-kind look. Another way you can use this piece to express your style is by getting creative with the length of the necklaces; loop one around your neck twice and layer it with other long necklaces to accent your outfit. This is the perfect accessory to trademark your look.

8) Pop of Color

 Marco Bicego Paradise Multicolored Stone NecklaceMarco Bicego Paradise Two Row Multistone Bracelet

Featured:  Paradise Yellow Gold Necklace with Multicolored Stones, Paradise Yellow Gold Two Row Multistone Bracelet

The easiest way to elevate your look is with vibrant, colorful jewelry. Add a shimmering, bold hue to your wardrobe with one of the vivid pieces from Marco's Paradise collection (shown above). The distinct look of these multicolored gemstone and gold pieces are exactly what your summer wardrobe is missing. Turn heads both in and out of the office by adding a fun, brilliant accessory into the mix.

Interested in any of the fashion jewelry from Marco Bicego's eight essentials? Contact us or visit any of our five New England locations to see these pieces in person! 

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