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8 Roberto Coin Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Needs

8 Roberto Coin Style Essentials You Need To Know

Since his introduction into the world of fine jewelry in 1977,  Venetian gold jewelry designer Roberto Coin has brought creativity and elegance together to produce a diverse collection of innovative, timeless pieces. 

The distinct brand was born in 1996 and is noted for excellent Italian workmanship and inspired jewelry. Coin's passion for fashion, design, and his entrepreneurial spirit have made him one of the most influential designers in the world of fine jewelry. A master of light, shape, and color he has become known for authoring the most interesting jewelry trends of the past few decades across the world, making him not just an amazing designer, but an industry icon.

"I always look for what has never been done before, and it's important to me to create something which is new in the market" - Roberto Coin sets himself apart from the rest with his innovative designs, and he is constantly producing new pieces. Check out Roberto's eight style essentials that every girl needs in her jewelry box: 

1) Perfect Diamond Hoops

 Roberto Coin Perfect Diamond Hoops XXLarge Inside Out Diamond Hoop EarringsRoberto Coin Perfect Diamond Hoops Huggy Earrings with Micropave DiamondsRoberto Coin Perfect Diamond Hoops Large Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings

Featuring: XXLarge Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings, Huggy Earrings with Micropave Diamonds, Large Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings (Available at Long's)

The only brand to own the name "perfect diamond hoop,"this piece is one of the famous designs Coin introduced to the jewelry world. The perfectly symmetric sparkle is what sets these earrings apart from the crowd, featuring round brilliant diamonds on both the inside and outside of the hoop. Roberto Coin not only created, but discovered this design giving the simple hoop design that extra sparkle that makes it the perfect accessory for dressing up any outfit. From your favorite blue jeans to your LBD, these hoops will take your outfit to the next level with an elegant, refined and sparkly touch. 

2) Stacked Bangles

 Roberto Coin rose gold symphony princess oval stacking banglesRoberto Coin yellow gold martellato snake bangle


Roberto Coin Pois Moi White Gold 1 Row Stacking bangleRoberto Coin yellow and white gold stacking bangle with diamond circle station

Featuring: Rose Gold Symphony Princess Oval Bangle, Yellow Gold Martellato Snake Bangle, Pois Moi White Gold 1 Row Bangle with Diamond Accent, Yellow and White Gold Bangle with Diamond Circle Station

As one of the year's hottest trendsyou've probably heard all about stacking and layering bracelets. As the summer starts to heat up, stacking becomes the ideal way to accessorize. Stackable bangles make an appearance in almost every single one of Coin's diverse collections. This year, mix and match different styles to give your stacks a personal twist and always keep your look fresh. Whether you're looking for something a little more off beat (like his Martellato snake bangle above), or hoping to add a simple refined bangle to the stack you already have, these Coin essentials are an accessory that can take you from a day at the beach to cocktail parties.

3) Colorful Cocktail Ring 


Roberto Coin Essential Colorful Cocktail Ring Lawge Oval Ring Diamonds Lemon Quartz & Mother of PearlRoberto Coin Essential Colorful Cocktail Ring with Diamonds and Quartz   Roberto Coin Essential Colorful Cocktail Ring with Brown Diamonds and Agate

Featuring: 18K Rose Gold Large Oval Ring with Diamonds, Lemon Quartz & Mother of Pearl, Cocktail Ring with Diamonds and Quartz, Cocktail Ring with Brown Diamonds and Agate (Available at Long's)

A bold cocktail ring is the perfect way to add a little color and glam to your outfit. This is by far one of our favorite accessories. Summer is a time for bright colors, and a standout cocktail ring is ideal for dressing up any fancy evening out - whether you're going to a dinner party, birthday celebration, or just grabbing drinks with a friend; this piece will give your look the extra flare in needs. This year we've noticed bold cocktail rings not just on one,two, but sometimes 3+ fingers or stacked together! Fun Fact: Roberto Coin was one of the first to bring this trend back into style.

4) Vibrant Necklace

Roberto Coin Essential Vibrant Ipanema Necklace with Semi Precious Stone Stations Roberto Coin Essential Vibrant Shanghai 3 Row Collar Necklace with Semi Precious Stones

Featuring: 39" Ipanema Necklace with Semi-Precious Stone Stations, Shanghai 3 Row Collar Necklace with Semi-Precious Stones (Available at Long's)

Brighten up your work attire or weekend wardrobe with a vibrant necklace this year. Inspired by the colorful passionate beaches of Ipanema Beach, Coin's long layering necklace was designed for the women looking for a bold and beautiful piece to elevate her look. Whether it's a colorful collar or long station, transition from day to night with one of these destination inspired pieces that will take your outfit to the next level with bold vibrant hues.  

5) Animal Inspired Cuff


 Roberto Coin Essential Creative Animaler Elephant Cuff with Pave Diamond Tusks Roberto Coin creative animaler horse cuff with diamonds and enamel

Featuring: Flexible Elephant Cuff with Pave Diamond Tusks, Flexible Horse Cuff with Diamonds and Enamel (Available at Long's)

Do you have enough stacking bangles already? Make a statement in one of the off-beat cuffs from Roberto Coin's Animalier collection. Inspired by Roberto Coin's love for nature, each piece in the collection was created to be an exquisite representation of the animal kingdom and of the perfection of nature.  The design of each piece creatively represent the anatomy and history of the animal. Stand out from the crowd with a distinct cuff that will have everyone jealous.

6) Sparkly Studs

Roberto Coin Essential Cento Diamond Fiore Couture StudsRoberto Coin Essential Classic Diamond Stud Earrings With DiamondsRoberto Coin Essential Tiny Treasures Sun Stud Earrings with Diamonds


Featuring: Cento Diamond Fiore Couture Earrings, Classic Diamond Stud Earrings With Diamonds, Tiny Treasures Sun Stud Earrings with Diamonds (Available at Long's)

No matter your style, every girl should have a pair of diamond studs in her jewelry box. The perfect ornament for every outfit, add sparkle and shine to your look without overwhelming it. Roberto Coin's diamond studs take a unique twist on traditional design. While most diamonds only have 57 facets, his Cento diamond collection is unlike any other in the industry with 100 facets. This exclusive invention is one of many examples of how Coin shapes the industry, and redefines the jewelry standard. Upgrade your diamond studs with one of these exquisite pieces. 

7) Delicate Pendant Necklace

 Roberto Coin Essential New Barocca Delicate Circle Pendant Roberto Coin Essential Tiny Treasures Delicate Disc Pendant with diamond initial ARoberto Coin Essential Tiny Treasures Delicate Palm Tree Pendant

Featuring:  New Barocca Circle Pendant, Tiny Treasures Disc Pendant with Diamond Initial A,  Tiny Treasures Yellow Gold Palm Tree Pendant (Available at Long's)

Searching for a simple, sophisticated piece that you can wear every day? A delicate pendant is the perfect addition to any outfit and is a staple piece throughout all of Coin's collections. His Tiny Treasures collection is famous for its elegance, and the collection contains styles for every woman - whether it's a mini palm tree or a more personal letter (see above). A piece you never have to take off, these pendants make the perfect accessory both alone and for layering necklaces. 

8) Unique Earrings

Roberto Coin Essential Unique Bollicine Drop Earrings with DiamondsRoberto Coin Essential Unique cheeky monkey earrings with black, brown, and white diamond

Featuring: Bollicine Drop Earrings with Diamonds, Cheeky Monkey Earrings with Black, Brown, and White Diamond (Available at Long's)

If you're looking to add some luxury and creativity to your outfit, a pair of unique earrings are just the thing. Roberto Coin's inventive designs have created some of the most stand out earrings we've ever seen. In honor of 2016 (year of the monkey), these 18K rose gold monkey earrings were designed featuring black and brown diamonds as part of his Animalier collection. Exude innovation, originality, and style with a pair of statement earrings that will turn heads like these.

Dying to see more of Roberto Coin's exquisite work? Come visit us in store today to see your favorite pieces (and more) in person!

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