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Top Jewelry Trends for the 2014 Holiday

 Want to get a gift for a fashionable woman, but don't really know where to start? There are a lot of different jewelry trends for the 2014 holiday season that can help you make any fashionista happy as they unwrap your gift.

Fashion trends go in and out quickly, and it can be tough to keep up with what is in season. But, you don't have to know the trends yourself. That's why we're here to help! We've identified the top jewelry trends for this holiday season that will ensure that your gift isn't out of style. 

Here are six of the top jewelry trends for the 2014 holiday season and some examples of jewelry pieces to get you started:

1. Boho Chic

This is the ultimate pile-it-on trend. Stack on rings and bangles, heap on layers of delicate chains, (especially with pendants), add dangling earrings and you’ve caught the modern romantic hippie vibe.

Chan Luu is a designer that really understands the new boho chic trend. Here are a few bracelets that can be used in combination to achieve the look:


2. Charm Bracelets

Tell your own story with a bracelet that you create and talismans that have special meaning just for you. Gage says the latest trend in charms incorporates our digital world: maybe it’s a classic charm with a message in text-ese, LOL. Or if you don’t like the clank of a charm bracelet, incorporate a personal message into a ring, pendant or locket.

Heather Moore offers some fantastic charms that you can use to customize a bracelet. Here are some examples:



3. Sleek and Sculpted

A bold power cuff sets off today’s modern minimalism. Whether it’s a tunic with sculpted space age shoulders or a modern power suit, finish it off with a power cuff in the boldest gold, or an openwork wire version that takes up volume yet still looks airy.

A really great example of this trend is seen in Roberto Coin's Bollicine Cuff Bracelet here:


4. Links and Chains

Go nonconformist chic in gold ear cuffs and studs that make a strong statement — without safety pins. The Jewelry Information Center in New York says triangles are the most trending shape in fine jewelry; perhaps taking their inspiration from the studs and pyramids of modern punk?

Lana Jewelry, one of the most cutting edge fashion jewelry designers today, offers a wide variety of jewelry featuring triangles. Here are just a few examples:

20140828143638_179720141015161358_1666 20140910121839_1673


5. Rose Gold

Thanks to fashion designers, rose gold has really come into its own. While it’s always been favored in Europe, it’s finally caught on Stateside. By last summer, InStyle magazine had labeled it the #4 “must-have” fine jewelry trend, and it’s still going stronger than ever. Whether mixed with diamonds or any other metal or gem, the new “it gold” flatters almost every skin tone there is. Again, the trend crosses categories: copper accents are the rose gold of the home world.

“Yellow and rose are really having a moment,” says Gage. “People are starting to invest in fine jewelry that reads like fine jewelry.” Still, for sophisticated consumers who like the appeal of the inconspicuous, blackened or oxidized gold is precious without being obvious.

Designer Roberto Coin loves working with all types of gold metal, including rose gold. Check out a few of his pieces from the Pois Moi collection: 

bracciale-pois-moi-oro-rosa-e-diamanti_dettaglio anello-pois-moi-oro-rosa-diamanti


6. Recycled Gold

Finally, no discussion of gold trends would be complete without a mention of recycled gold. A lot of gold is recycled anyway, but more and more designers are making a statement with it, and eco-conscious consumers are listening.

Heather Moore is a designer that is proud to make all of her jewelry from 100% recycled material. Here are a few examples of her recycled gold jewelry: 


Looking for a special piece of jewelry for the 2014 holiday season? We want to help you find it.

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