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Eternity Anniversary Bands


6 Most Romantic New England Weekend Getaway Spots

Regardless of the season, it’s always a good time to get away. There are endless options in New England where you can go to enjoy a romantic getaway with nothing, but each other and a weekend bag in tow. Check out these 6 romantic, New England getaways perfect for celebrating your love.

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4 Ways To Celebrate A Major Milestone With Jewelry

You’re in a good place in your life and you deserve to celebrate. Whether it’s a major birthday, anniversary, accomplishment or “just because”, it’s time to mark the occasion with a new (or upgraded) piece of jewelry. Here are four of our top recommendations for celebrating a milestone in your life!

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Stackable Diamond Eternity Rings To Mark Your 5+ Year Anniversary

A lot has changed since you stood across from each other and said "I do." Can you believe how quickly time flies? For couples in our culture every 5th, 10th, 20th, and 25th year of marriage represents a special landmark that carries its own symbolic meaning. Your fifth anniversary is a very special milestone, which is why it deserves a very special gift. 

While traditionally wood is known as the fifth wedding anniversary gift, we have a better way to commemorate the occasion that will blow your wife away. After all, this is the first of many major milestones that lie ahead, so why not mark it with a gift that can grow with your relationship?  

A beautiful diamond stacking ring is the perfect thing to gift your wife to mark your first five years. Stacking anniversary rings are a fashionable and sentimental way to continue to honor your future anniversaries as well. Mix and match styles and sizes to create an amazing stack that celebrates each significant relationship milestone. Whether you stack the ring with your wedding set or wear it separately, it will serve as a reminder of how much your love continues to grow. 

Here are five stacking anniversary rings that would make the perfect gift for the occasion:

25th Anniversary Rings To Celebrate Your Major Milestone

You and your husband are about to celebrate a HUGE milestone... 25 years of marriage. That's a major accomplishment, congratulations! What better way to celebrate a successful marriage and lifetime of happiness than with some gorgeous diamonds? 

Anniversary rings are the perfect gift to celebrate any milestone. Similar to wedding rings, anniversary rings are bands that can be worn in addition to your engagement ring or by themselves. Anniversary rings are larger, usually more diamond intensive, and of course a little more expensive. But hey, 25 years of marriage is more than worthy of a gorgeous diamond anniversary ring! You deserve it.

We've curated a list of the most dazzling and exquisite anniversary bands we could find. Take a look at our top picks that you're sure to fall in love: 

11 Holiday-Themed Anniversary Date Ideas In Boston

Between the twinkling lights and decorations, the romantic music playing, and the overall holiday spirit, it's no surprise that the holiday season is one of the most popular times of the years to get married.

Celebrate your anniversary in a way that is much more seasonal than a date idea you could do at any time of the year. Leave the brainstorming up to us, and fall in love all over again at one of these perfect anniversary date ideas for the holidays:

When Should You Give Anniversary Bands? 

While everyone knows when they should give their significant other an engagement ring, we've found that people are really unsure about when they should give an anniversary band in the future.

An anniversary band is a ring that is often a multi-diamond or gemstone band, as opposed to a traditional plain metal band. While some are very simple, others are more intricate, stand-alone fashion rings.

Unlike traditional, old-fashioned lists of what kinds of anniversary gifts you should present every year, giving an anniversary band is all a matter of your personal preference. There are no hard rules of when to give one and no wrong time! Read more to learn about when you should consider giving your significant other an anniversary band: