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Fashion Jewelry Trends


Four Ways to Personalize Your Favorite Fashion Jewelry

Whether you're buying jewelry as a gift or for a 'treat yourself' moment, one way to make the piece even more special is by personalizing it. Take a look at four ways the jewelry world is embracing personalization like never before!

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5 Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends

You might think fashion trends only have to do with the clothing you see strut down the runway, but the key to a truly great outfit is what you add to it. We spoke with Karen Soucy, fashion jewelry consultant here at Long’s, to round up some of this year's top fall fashion jewelry trends.

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5 Must-Have Pieces of Jewelry for Summer on Nantucket

Complete your beachy Nantucket look with some unique, versatile pieces of jewelry that will last you way longer than the trendy romper you bought for the summer.

How To Incorporate Greenery In Your Jewelry [Pantone 2017 Color]

A new year brings along a new Pantone color of the year. For 2017 the winner is... greenery; a refreshing and zesty yellow-green shade that represents the first day of spring when nature's greens restore and renew. Greenery is the symbol of new beginnings and the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose. With this new color, Pantone invites people to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.  

Pantone sees greenery as the color that represents what we see taking place in our global culture, which serves as an expression of mood and attitude.

Fashion designers and influencers of the world look forward to this announcement every year as it plays a major role in the fashion world. And the Pantone color of the year goes beyond clothing; jewelry designers often take inspiration from this announcement, incorporating it into their own collections.

We took a look through our beautiful fashion jewelry collection to bring you some pieces that feature this important greenery color. When wearing any of these pieces, you'll be representing a new beginning and look fabulous while doing it!

This Summer's 6 Hottest Jewelry Trends

 It's finally starting to feel like summer here in Boston! At Long's, we're always staying on top of the industry's constantly changing fashion trends. Welcome the warm weather in style with these summer essentials.

We've brought you some of the newest, hottest designer pieces to keep up with the latest jewelry trends. From free-spirited earrings, to layering bangles and thin cuffs, to over sized gemstone rings, you won't want to miss these new styles that will keep you on top of your fashion game. 

Pack up your the last of your winter sweaters and update your jewelry box with this summer's must-have pieces

Must-Have Jewelry For The Corporate Businesswoman

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Making a killer impression in your corporate work life is all about presentation and attitude. When I see a well-dressed and stylish woman at my workplace, my initial thoughts are that she is confident and willing to stand out in a crowd.

There is a fine line from being on point to over the top. Staying on point requires planning your daily office looks with precision. Do you want to get it right and create an everlasting impression? Perhaps you could be asked to help on an assignment that’s usually given to someone with more expertise. If you’re in line for the next promotion, can your boss and colleagues envision you in that position? If you look the part, then you are half way there.

Below are my top three must-have jewelry pieces you’ll need to achieve a stylish corporate look: