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Gift Ideas For Any Guy In Your Life [Holiday 2016]

Gift Ideas For Any Guy In Your Life [Holiday 2016]

Have a guy in your life that you're looking to shop for this year? Sometimes finding that perfect gift for him can prove to be a little difficult! Beyond golf accessories, ties, and the other classics, there are some unique and long-lasting gifts that you can buy to step up his style game. 

We're here to help! In this year's gift guide for him, you'll find unique gifts for any guy in your life that will also bring his style up a notch. Here are some of our top picks for this Holiday season:

1. Unique & Classy Cufflinks 

John Hardy Classic Chain Square Hammered Cufflinks in Bronze      John Hardy Classic Chain Cufflinks with Black Sapphire    John Hardy Classic Bamboo Cufflinks

Featured: John Hardy Classic Chain Square Hammered Cufflinks in Bronze ($395), John Hardy Classic Chain Cufflinks with Black Sapphire ($695), John Hardy Classic Bamboo Cufflinks ($350)

Cufflinks have really come along over years from being just plain silver or gold, which now makes them a perfect gift for any guy in your life. With all sorts of colors, designs and colored gemstones, cufflinks have now become a truly eye-catching accessory for men. John Hardy does it best when creating unique and modern-looking cufflinks. Three of the hottest styles from John Hardy this year (featured above) that we absolutely love are the Classic Chain Square Hammered Cufflinks in Bronze, Classic Chain Cufflinks with Black Sapphire and Classic Bamboo Cufflinks.

You can't go wrong with neutral color cufflink that will match with anything he owns. If his style is more metro and he likes to be a little flashy, having cufflinks with black sapphires or any other color gem will definitely make him stand out from the crowd.

2. Sporty Watches

Luminox Navy Seal Colomark Chrono 44m          Luminox ANU Chronograph 45mm

Featured: Luminox Navy Seal Colomark Chrono 44mm on a Rubber Strap ($525), Luminox ANU Chronograph 45mm on a Rubber Strap ($995)

Is your guy not a suit and tie type of guy? Does he love the outdoors? Well a sporty watch is what he needs to complete his laid back and rugged look. He will love this type of watch because they're self-powered, which makes them extremely powerful, tough and accurate. 

Luminox is one of the best brands for sporty watches, and are the choice of watch for the U.S Navy Seals and U.S Airforce. Luminox watches act as the most durable and essential form of equipment. If a watch is durable enough for the world's toughest elite forces, it will stand up to any other rugged outdoor use!

3.The Best Bracelets 

John Hardy Bamboo 8mm Station Bracelet in Sterling Silver & LeatherJon Hardt Sterling Silver Classic Chain Small Bracelet John Hardy Kali Woven Brown Leather Bracelet

Featured: John Hardy Bamboo 8mm Station Bracelet in Sterling Silver & Leather ($295), John Hardy Sterling Silver Classic Chain Small Bracelet ($475), John Hardy Kali Woven Brown Leather Bracelet ($295)

Bracelets aren't just for women anymore! Over the past few years, we've seen men's bracelets more and more with more styles than ever before. We love this trend for its simple ability to refresh and polish any guy's overall look. Your guy can get a lot of use out of these bracelets by wearing them on their own, stacking a few of them together or pairing one with a watch on the same wrist. 

All three styles shown above by John Hardy are not only the most popular, but are also very trendy. Leather and woven metal seem to be seen the most on celebrities right now, and John Hardy uses sterling silver clasps and creative patterns in his designs.

4. Go for Gold

18K Yellow Gold Signant RingGents Boston Link Chain & Bracelet

Featured:  18K Yellow Gold Signant Ring ($1,650), Gents Boston Link Chain ($5850) and Bracelet ($3,050) in 18K yellow gold by Tamis 

Gold represents class and status. Make your guy feel like royalty this season by gifting a fine gold piece of jewelry. We are starting to see more men go for gold instead of platinum, so this makes it not just classy, but also trendy. Wearing a piece of gold jewelry really puts a whole look together and instantly makes it go from average to dressy.

The two gold pieces featured above are some of our favorites. A gold signet ring is a great way for him to show off his respect for his family name by getting it engraved on the ring. Beautiful gold link chains and bracelets have always been popular for men and have really become a classic statement piece for them. They give off  a sophisticated look and are a practical gift that he can wear everyday. 

5. Professional Tie Bar

Long's Jewelers Tie Bar in Sterling Silver

Featured: Long's Jewelers Tie Bar in Sterling Silver ($75)

A tie bar is an essential accessory in a man's wardrobe. When wearing a slim fit suit and tie to the office or a special occasion, a slim tie bar brings the whole look together. The tie bar featured above is our most favorite and classic for men. It features a smooth service in the center that he can leave blank to show off shine, or he can get it personally engraved to make it unique for him. You don't even have to wait for him to engrave it, you can do it yourself which makes for a more thoughtful gift!

6. Convenient Money Clip

Sterling Silver Money Clip with Lines and Engravable Edge

Featured: Sterling Silver Money Clip with Lines and Engravable Edge ($245)

Some men hate carrying around wallets due to the bulkiness in their pockets. This can lead to messy and disorganized money. If he is not carrying around a wallet all of the time, then invest in a money clip for him to keep his bills neatly folded. 

The money clip above is convenient because it's not too slim. It's the perfect size for him to fit a good amount of bills and add in a credit card if he wants. You can customize the top by engraving his name or initials which will make it more meaningful to him and make him want to use it right away. 

7. Stylish Watches

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Quartz Steel on Steel TAG Aquaracer 300mm Chronograph Aluminum Bezel 43mm     Shinola Canfield Chrono 43mm

Featured: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Quartz Steel on Steel ($2,700), TAG Aquaracer 300mm Chronograph Aluminum Bezel 43mm ($2,250), Shinola Canfield Chrono 43mm ($1,000)

If he has great style and loves getting dressed up, then it's time for him to own a classic luxury timepiece. This is a gift to show any guy in your life how special they are to you by purchasing this investment piece that they can have with them for a long time. 

Brands like Omega, TAG and Shinola (all shown above) are really stepping up their game when it comes to stylish luxury watches. Colored faces, larger numbers and more intricate details make these watches stand out. This will be a gift he will cherish and want to start wearing it as soon as he opens the box.

Make this a year to remember by purchasing any of these great items that any guy would be happy to have! Set up an appointment with any of our jewelry specialists that would love to help you, or visit into any of our five New England locations.

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