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Jaguar & Land Rover - 2015 Showroom Opening Event!

Top photos courtesy of Elise Marie Sinagra and Jaguar Landrover Peabody; Bottom photo courtesy of Zoe Rousseau and North Shore Magazine

Picture this: A lavishly long red carpet, leading the way inside the front door of a big event. It instantly transforms into the train of a woman's gown. A perfect scarlet statuesque woman elevated into the air. Upon entering, Zoe, a photographer from Northshore Magazine, asks to take a photograph of you just underneath her. Happy to oblige, you pose and are then offered a "New Fashioned," a delicious specialty cocktail created just for the occasion. Jazz music is playing to the right of the bar setting the tone of the night. The hottest black Range Rover with its doors unlocked just for you to be the honorary trial driver.

Photo courtesy of Elise Marie Sinagra and Jaguar Landrover Peabody

Lighting perfectly lit, you can see your reflection off the shimmery black finish on the convertible Jaguar. Open the door and the crisp white leather interior invites you in with high tech gadgets at your fingertips. You might also be introduced to Jenn or Steve, part of the interactive Jaguar team, ready to answer all questions you have. What a way to be welcomed to the NEW Jaguar & Land Rover Showroom here in Peabody, Massachusetts!

Long’s Jewelers Brings Tesla to Burlington


Last Saturday, Long’s Jewelers, along with partners Tesla and Breitling, hosted a test drive event for our top customers and Tesla enthusiasts. 

This exclusive event gave our customers the chance to test drive the innovative and luxurious Tesla Model S. And, while they weren't driving, guests even had the opportunity to "test drive" watches from Long’s newly renovated Breitling boutique (pictured below). 


Ask Us Anything! Get Your Questions Answered By Judd The Jeweler.

We get asked a lot of questions from family, friends and customers. So, we've decided to share our expertise with everyone!

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