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Rolex Introduces The Cellini Line of Contemporary Watches


Recently, Rolex introduced their newest line of watches, the Cellini collection. Cellini represents a contemporary celebration of the classicism and the eternal elegance of traditional timepieces. 

This is an incredibly modern innovation from Rolex. People have fallen in love over time with the timeless and classic look of Rolex watches, but this collection marks a new step and direction for the brand. It's a very exciting announcement from the luxury brand that strays true to its tradition. 

Let's take a deeper look into what makes the Cellini collection a standout from one of our favorite watch brands:

4 Vintage Watches Worn By Don Draper on Mad Men

 Don Draper is not only a force in the advertising world in the hit show "Mad Men," but he's also incredibly stylish with his choice of accessories.

Artistic directors for the TV show put some serious thought into Draper's fashion on the show. Each watch that Draper wears throughout the seasons accurately represents his career's standing and the most current styles at the time. This was no coincidence. 

As Draper progresses in his career, his watch choices evolve with him. Each watch was very relevant at the time and said a lot about him as a character. Don Draper, always a mysterious man, revealed very little about himself in the beginning of the show. However, his fashion choices definitely made a statement. 

Today, these vintage watches can still be purchased at many jewelers or antique retailers. So, if you want to achieve the effortless style of Don Draper, here are some examples of vintage watches that he wore throughout the seasons that can inspire your next watch purchase:

Can You Wear Luxury Watches During Marathons?


You are about to participate in a marathon, but what do you do with that nice watch you just bought? Buying a luxury watch, like a Rolex, is a big investment, and even if you never want to part with your timepiece, you need to make sure it is worn under the right circumstances. 

This past Sunday, Long's Jewelers participated again in the Jimmy Fund Walk, which follows the Boston Marathon's 26.2 mile journey from Hopkinton to Boston. And, as always, we did it in style. Two of our team members wore their own luxury watches, including a Rolex and a Breitling brand watch (spoiler alert: the watches ended up being completely fine).

Will The Apple Watch Be The Death Of Luxury Watches?

I'm sure most of you have heard the latest news and product updates from Apple, who just yesterday launched the Apple Watch. Not only is this product revolutionary, but the buzz and excitement that I've seen on the Internet has been astonishing. This is a product that people clearly want and are ready for. Unlike Google Glasses, the Apple Watch is something that people could actually see themselves wearing on a daily basis. 

But, one of my first thoughts when I heard this announcement was, what about the existing watch industry? We have people stopping by our stores daily looking to buy nice timepieces. Will these customers suddenly disappear? Will smart watches become a way of the future and take over the role that Rolex and other leading watch brands once had? 

5 "Timeless" Pre-Owned & Vintage Watches For Men

Pre-owned and vintage watches are often a great value because most of the time you are getting a watch that runs as if it's still brand new at a price that is easier on your wallet.

I've talked to many people who didn't understand that used or vintage watches could work just as well as new watches. There are definitely advantages to buying both, but a vintage or pre-owned watch doesn't mean that it has to be low quality or broken. 

Not to mention, these watches stand out much more than buying a brand new watch today. You are getting a watch that is a little more unique and that has its own charm and personality.

If you're interested in buying a pre-owned or vintage watch, we have a wide variety of watches for you to choose from. However, keep in mind that there is only one version of each watch. So, if you find one you like, you'll need to act fast! 

Here are 5 "timeless" pre-owned vintage watches for men that you can currently find at a Long's store:

5 Luxury Watches To Buy When You're Ready For Your First Upgrade


Buying your first luxury watch is a big step in your life. You finally have the funds to invest in a watch that's a great value and looks good on your wrist. 

Eventually, you might start to feel what many watch-owners feel: the urge to buy yourself a new watch. This doesn't mean you have to get rid of your first nice watch. But, there are many watches out there that would provide even more luxury than your first purchase. You may be at a point where you're ready to treat yourself to something a little nicer (and you deserve it!). 

Take a look at these 5 luxury watches that you may want to buy when you're ready for your first upgrade: