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Top 3 Luxury Sporty Watches Trending Now

For men, a watch is more than a timepiece. The designer and style of a watch portrays a lot about the man wearing it, making it more important than any other accessory or article of clothing. 

Unlike other watch brands, Swiss-made watches are built to last generations and withstand all the wear and tear of everyday life. Picking out the perfect timepiece for every occasion is an enjoyable and meticulous ritual for a lot of men. However, what's a good starter watch or a luxury watch that you can wear almost anywhere? A watch that could take you from suits to swimming: a sporty watch is the most versatile of luxury timepieces.

Check out the top 3 high end sport watches trending this season:

4 Luxury Watches from House of Cards You Can Own

More than any other accessory or article of clothing, a nice timepiece can provide a window into a man's personality. Different luxury brands communicate different traits about the watch-wearing man.

Stylists for Netflix hit series House of Cards recognize the important message a timepieces sends about a character. The watch you wear is more than just a timepiece, it's a symbol of your ambition, maturity, success, and aspirations. The different watches on House of Cards coincide with the very distinct personalities and roles of each man. 

Check out our 4 favorite luxury timepieces worn by House of Cards power players: