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Watch Education


A Guide to Shopping For and Trading Up Your Watch

While you were born to wear Cartier it may not be in your budget at this time in your life. How can you be smart about watch shopping to make sure your first investment can help get you the model you really want later in life? Read our top tips to help you trade up your watch when the time is right!

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How much does a watch battery replacement cost?

At Long's, we replace thousands of batteries every year from all types of timepieces, new and old. We can tell you from experience that the cost of a basic battery replacement starts at just $10. Most watch battery replacements can be done while you wait (although some replacements will take a few days or, in very few cases, even a few weeks).

The $10 battery replacement is for watches that are not sealed for water resistance, which means watches that should not be submerged or exposed to water because of the possibility of a leak.  Watches that need to be sealed for water resistance take longer to service because the watches are resealed, worn gaskets are replaced and each watch is carefully pressure-tested on professional equipment to ensure a proper seal going forward.  Watches sent for water resistance battery replacement range in price from $45-$60 and chronograph models range from $65-$95.  

The Difference Between Quartz, Mechanical, Automatic & All Other Watch Movements

When I first started learning about watches, I was immediately overwhelmed with all of the technical information that varied between different brands and models. It seemed like everything was written in a code language made to ensure that no one except for watch experts would know what they were buying. 

Now that I've taken the time to learn some of the major differences between watches, I want to teach you about some basic watch concepts and help you avoid feeling as lost as I did. So, let's start your timepiece education with the first step in becoming a watch expert: learning about watch movements. 

Every watch is powered by mechanics hidden within the watch case called the movement or calibre. This is always the most complex part of the watch and is responsible for the watches functionality, accuracy, and price. Let's explore some of the different types of watch movements and their benefits:

5 Iconic Timepieces From the Past 75 Years

Watch makers are always trying to one-up their competitors and one-up themselves. People want new, interesting watches every year; it's just the nature of the watch world. Well most years, these new watches come in the form of upgraded versions of the models that a company has already been selling for years.

But every once in a while, watch makers will surprise us with a brand new model of watch. When this happens, there are usually new features that they believe will make the watch an icon. 

I'm a huge fan of watch history and love learning what it takes to make an iconic watch. I understand that not everyone has the time to learn about watch history, so I've come up with a short list of what I view as several of the most iconic timepieces from the past 75 years to help you easily learn about the top watches. Give the list a read and find out what made these iconic models what they are today: