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Watch Trends


Timeless Styles: Watches For Everyone on Your List [Holiday 2018]

From sports to showstoppers, there's a watch for every occasion. Here's a selection of our favorite 2018 watches to add to your collection this season!

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Watches To Watch [Holiday 2017]

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This year, watches are all about both the classic and the new. Minimalist and classic styles continue to trend. While slim, vintage-style designs are very popular, we are also seeing a rise in smartwatches from traditional watchmakers. Color is also playing a major role whether it be black, bronze, or rose gold. Here's a selection of our favorite 2017 watches!

Expensive Watches Worth Their Price Tag

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We’ve rounded up our top five expensive watches that are worth the price tag! When we say expensive, we mean a high quality, Swiss made timepiece that costs upwards of $10,000 or more.  There are great reasons why these watches have big price tags: the materials used, the craftsmanship and extertise behind it, the time it takes to make (upwards of 1 year!), and the warranty are all why we believe these price tags are a great value for what you are getting. Keep reading for a closer look at some of our favorite, top-quality models that are sure to last a lifetime.

The 5 Best New Watches from Baselworld and SIHH 2017

Baselworld and Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) are two of the world’s leading annual watch shows. The biggest names in luxury jewelry convene in Switzerland each year to reveal their latest designs and advancement in watch technology. Here are a few of the top models from some of our favorite designers!

Top 3 Luxury Sporty Watches Trending Now

For men, a watch is more than a timepiece. The designer and style of a watch portrays a lot about the man wearing it, making it more important than any other accessory or article of clothing. 

Unlike other watch brands, Swiss-made watches are built to last generations and withstand all the wear and tear of everyday life. Picking out the perfect timepiece for every occasion is an enjoyable and meticulous ritual for a lot of men. However, what's a good starter watch or a luxury watch that you can wear almost anywhere? A watch that could take you from suits to swimming: a sporty watch is the most versatile of luxury timepieces.

Check out the top 3 high end sport watches trending this season:

4 Luxury Watches from House of Cards You Can Own

More than any other accessory or article of clothing, a nice timepiece can provide a window into a man's personality. Different luxury brands communicate different traits about the watch-wearing man.

Stylists for Netflix hit series House of Cards recognize the important message a timepieces sends about a character. The watch you wear is more than just a timepiece, it's a symbol of your ambition, maturity, success, and aspirations. The different watches on House of Cards coincide with the very distinct personalities and roles of each man. 

Check out our 4 favorite luxury timepieces worn by House of Cards power players: