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Men's Wedding Bands He Can't Say No To [2018]

Are wedding bells in your future? While your fiancé may be handling the big picture planning, guys still have their own wedding to-do lists, one of the most important things being selecting his wedding ring. For many guys, this is their first serious jewelry purchase and they want it done right. There are so many options for men from the classic plain yellow gold to actual meteorite. To start you off in the right direction, we’ve narrowed the search down to the top 5 most popular ring styles of 2018. You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about her ring, now it’s time to find the perfect ring for you!

Get Ready to Say "I Do" With These Top 6 Women's Wedding Bands [2018]

You’ve booked the venue, the invitations have been sent, and you’ve said yes to the dress. Now it’s time for the rings! While you want every part of your wedding day to be perfect, your wedding rings are the one purchase you’ll treasure long after your wedding day ends. A physical representation of your love and commitment, you want a ring that’s special and will last a lifetime. It’s a big decision and is different for every person. You want something that’s you, but also matches well with your engagement ring. To help find the band that’s right for you, we’ve listed out the top wedding ring trends for 2018. Whether your style is classic or modern, we have a wedding ring style for everyone!

14 Men's Wedding Rings To Match His Style & Personality

A wedding ring is the only piece of jewelry a man will wear every single day for the rest of his life. So why not choose something that'll completely complement your style and personality? After all, you'll have to live with your ring decision..forever!

We're here to bring you some of our top suggestions for wedding rings to expertly match your personality and style. Plus see some of our top picks for every type of guy...

5 Top Wedding Trends for 2017 [Featuring: Andover Country Club]

 As we head into wedding season, we're excited to team up with the beautiful Andover Country Club to bring you their top predictions for wedding trends in 2017! Their experts have broken down their 5 favorite trends you'll be sure to see this year.

Photo by Sweet Lady Jane Photography

Andover Country Club: Being a venue that hosts wedding ceremonies and receptions almost every weekend of the year, means we see many wedding trends come and go.  Some trends we hate to see fade out of style and others we can’t wait to never see again.

Here are some of our favorite trends we see on the horizon for 2017:

Which Wedding Band Width Is Right For You? [Video]

When it comes to choosing a wedding band, most guys don't realize just how many different styles and widths there are to choose from. Your wedding band is one of the only things from your wedding that lasts a lifetime, not to mention you’ll be wearing it every day for the rest of your life! Wedding band widths can vary by just a couple of millimeters but give a totally different look. Check out our video below to get a better idea of how different wedding band widths look on real guy's hands:

Men's Wedding Bands He Can't Say No To [2017]

Tying the knot? If you answered yes then you're probably starting your search for the perfect wedding bands. Whether you are the bride or groom, you both want a wedding band that represents your unique and personal style. For a long time many men would choose a standard plain wedding band, and while that is still a really popular choice, it may not be for everyone. Nowadays there are more men's wedding band styles than ever so you are sure to find exactly what you or your guy has been looking for. 

More and more guys are opting for a more unique wedding band. Women have always had endless styles to choose from but now it's the guys turn to have some fun with their bands. For some guys, this could be his first significant piece of jewelry, so the decision can be tough!  To help narrow down the selection, here are the top men's wedding band styles that are trending for 2017: