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Pros & Cons: White Gold Wedding and Engagement Rings

White gold is one of the most popular metal choices for wedding bands for both men and women. While these bands are gorgeous, come in thousands of styles, and are often one of the less expensive options for metals for your wedding bands, there are also some other less well known ways in which white gold may not be the right metal for you.

Before you tie the knot, make sure you know the pros and cons of choosing white gold for your wedding bands and engagement ring:

The Pros & Cons: Soldering Your Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Together

Increasing in popularity in recent years, many brides are choosing to get their engagement ring and wedding band soldered together to create a bridal set. Soldering your wedding bands together essentially is connecting the metals of both bands together. While this option does work very well for some brides who live a certain lifestyle, it may not be the right option for everyone. 

There are some unique advantages and disadvantages to having your rings soldered together. Check out our top pros and cons of soldering your engagement ring and wedding band together:

5 Trending Men's Wedding Tuxes In New England

Let's talk men's wedding tuxes. We all know that the slim fit suit will be "in" no matter the changes in style. And we all know that purchasing a suit so that the alterations are prefect will make you look that much more sophisticated and in style. But, did you know that there are other trends specific to weddings for the groom and the groomsmen that are gaining popularity?

We went to the experts at Milton's The Store For Men for everything that you need to know about the hottest trends for wedding suits and tuxes. Milton's has been a part of New England for over 70 years - and rightfully so. Their knowledgeable team knows how to put together a good outfit and knows how to help men look - and feel - their best. 

So what's trending this year for men's suits according to Milton's? Here is what the professionals had to say:

Top 5 Wedding Cake Trends For 2016 [Featuring: Cakes For Occasions]

One of the most important parts of planning your wedding day is deciding on a style, color palette, and theme that will tie all aspects of your wedding together. If you like to keep up with what's hot now, then you have probably already seen our top 5 ladies wedding ring styles and top men's wedding bands for this year.

Next on the list - wedding cakes! No need to worry if your wedding cake will fit in with your overall wedding day aesthetic. The Wedding Team at Cakes for Occasions in Danvers, MA has you covered. With over 20 years of experience in the wedding cake industry, Cakes for Occasions is the premier provider of wedding cakes in the greater Boston area, producing over 700 cakes a year. So they know a thing or two about what's popular!

Check out the top wedding cake designs that are trending around Boston right now:

[Quick Tip] The Best Way To Clean Your Wedding Band At Home

In between all of life's little moments, a tiny bit of dirt, paint, or lotion can get into or on your wedding band, making it look less than brand new. Make your band look shiny and new again at home in just a few minutes with this tried and true tip for cleaning your wedding rings:

[Quick Tip] How To Save Money On Your Wedding Bands In The Long Run

When you go to purchase a big  item that you know you will have for many years, like a new car or a new house, you most likely weigh the pros and cons of one option versus another. The cost in the long run in terms of maintenance is always a huge motivating factor, so why should your wedding rings be any different?