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14 Men's Wedding Rings To Match His Style & Personality

A wedding ring is the only piece of jewelry a man will wear every single day for the rest of his life. So why not choose something that'll completely complement your style and personality? After all, you'll have to live with your ring decision..forever!

We're here to bring you some of our top suggestions for wedding rings to expertly match your personality and style. Plus see some of our top picks for every type of guy...

4 Trending Wedding Dresses & Jewelry To Match [Featuring: Flair Boston]

We've done it again! We've teamed up with local bridal dress expert, Flair Boston, to bring you some of the hottest trending wedding day looks this season. 

We're pairing some of the most popular wedding dresses right now with modern jewelry that'll truly enhance the look. Take a minimalist dress and complement it perfectly with timeless pearls with a twist. Or, take a vintage-inspired look even further with delicate yellow gold jewels.

If you're in the market for a wedding dress or want to find a way to enhance your current dress with some jewelry, check out these four wedding dress/jewelry combos that'll completely wow your guests:

13 Traditional & Unique Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

You're getting married! You've already purchased the engagement ring, and now it's time to have some fun picking out your wedding bands. You may have a certain style or color in mind for the band; but, have you put any thought into what you'd like engraved inside of it?

Many couples don't realize that basic engravings on wedding bands are usually offered for free by most jewelers. So now that you know this is an option, where do you even begin to think about what you want inside? Are you ready to commit to one engraving for the rest of your life?

We know you've found the person to spend forever with. Now, let's explore some of our favorite traditional and unique engraving ideas to find one that you'll be happy with for a lifetime:

Why Boston Is Actually A Pretty Amazing Place To Tie The Knot

The other day I stumbled upon an article called, "2016's Best and Worst Cities to Get Married." It was a study conducted by WalletHub to compare US cities against one another on a variety of different wedding-related factors. I scrolled through the list and was shocked to see that Boston ranked so low. 141 out of 150, yikes! 

I started thinking - what would make Boston rank so low on this list? Sure, California is beautiful, sunny and people may be more laid back. But Boston has a certain uniqueness, charm and history that makes it stand out against other US cities. Boston is full of interesting places and sites, and its proximity to water makes for some stunning views. 

Long's has been Boston's most loved jeweler for over 135 years, and I think it's time we defend our city as one of the most amazing places to tie the knot. So, here are our five reasons that Boston should actually be ranked as one of the best cities to get married:

How To Match Your Unique Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

Matching your engagement ring with a wedding band isn't always easy. You get so used to the perfect engagement ring on your left hand. The thought of adding another ring to your set can be stressful for some brides-to-be.

What if the new wedding ring distracts for your original ring? What if it doesn't look quite the way you want it to as a complete set? And, of course, what if you have a unique engagement ring? Where do you even start?

We've seen every type of engagement ring, from modern and funky ring settings to unique shaped diamonds. We've also seen how people can pair any engagement ring flawlessly with an engagement ring. No matter how unique your ring is, we promise it can be done, and we're here to show you how!

If you're at the point where you need to figure out how you're going to match that unique engagement ring, read all four situations and find one that resonates with you:

The Pros & Cons of Black Wedding Bands

If you're considering black wedding bands, make sure you read through this list and really consider if it's the right decision for you.