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Top Men's Wedding Ring Trends For 2016

Top Men's Wedding Ring Trends For 2016You've successfully given her the ring of her dreams...but now it's time to find YOUR ring. Your wedding band is something you are going to wear every day for the rest of your life. Maybe it's even your first piece of jewelry! It's a big decision.

Many guys don't even realize all the different styles of bands there are out there. Even if you want a very simple, classic ring, there are still multiple variations to choose from. You still have to decide on the metal, metal finish, and width.

We  know you want to find a ring that fits your style and is in your price range. So to get you started, here are the six top men's wedding band trends for 2016 that you should take note of:

1) Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum Bands

Platinum wedding bands are the number one seller when it comes to men's wedding rings. This is because platinum is one of the strongest metals offered in wedding bands that can easily withstand everyday wear and tear without compromising the ring itself. Platinum rings come in all different textures, shapes, and sizes. From patterned, to domed bands, you can find any ring design in platinum. These bands are great for the guy who uses his hands a lot (construction workers, doctors, etc.), but still wants something sleek and polished. 

Quite popular in the platinum ring industry are those with a brushed finished. Rather than a shiny platinum ring, adding a brushed finished gives the ring a softer, smoother texture and appearance. 

2) Low Domed Wedding Bands

Low Domed Bands

Domed rings were some of the first wedding bands ever worn by men. But, low domed rings are becoming more and more popular. This is not your father's ring. Low domed wedding bands still have that curvature you want, but sit closer to the finger to give a more subtle domed appearance.

If you have more classic style, finding a low domed wedding band might be the perfect fit. From yellow gold, to platinum, and even rose gold, low domed rings are available in multiple metals and will allow you to find that clean, sleek ring in whatever color you desire. 

3) Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Bands

Carbon Fiber Inlay Bands

Maybe you are looking for a darker, more modern look. Then you'll definitely want to check out rings with carbon fiber inlay. These rings feature a metal and a stripe of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber gives these rings a darker, bolder, more unique look.

If you are definitely interested in carbon fiber (or tungsten, which is similar in appearance), we highly recommend getting an inlay ring. The reason we suggest this is because carbon fiber (and tungsten) are not able to be sized. So if you lose, or even gain a substantial amount of weight and your ring no longer fits, you would have to purchase a completely new ring. By adding just a hint of carbon fiber, you avoid this issue and have a ring that is trendy and able to be size in the future.

4) Mixed Metal Wedding Bands

Mixed Metal Bands

Trend number four is all about color. Why settle on a band with one metal when you could have a band with two or three? Mixed metal bands are emerging this year and making a grand appearance. So hey, maybe you want a little more color on your wedding ring and want something that will stand out. Getting a mixed metal band is the perfect way to accentuate your unique taste.

With this trend, you can create your own personalized look. Mixed metal bands can be found in different shapes, patterns, and metal combinations. So maybe you like that classic low dome ring, but want a little more? Shop for a mixed metal domed ring! Combining these two trends will give you that special, personal ring you are looking for. 

5) Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Rose Gold Bands

Rose gold is a great alternative to yellow or white gold. If you are looking for something unique, yet classic, finding a ring with rose gold is definitely a great option. Rose gold is flattering on all skin tones which is why it's popularity has been growing over the years. 

Rose gold also comes in a variety of tones. The typical formula for creating rose gold is 75% gold and 25% copper. The copper element in this formula is responsible for creating that warm, rose color that is so popular. But hey, if you want something a little more subtle, there are rose gold rings that have less copper in the mix to provide you with a more subtle, rose color. 

6) Beveled Edge Wedding Bands

Beveled Edge Bands

The last trend that you might want to check out this year includes rings with beveled edges. These wedding bands are those that have a smoother, brushed center, with a shinier, more natural glow at the edges. Beveled edge rings have two different finishes that add a two-tone appearance to your ring.

Maybe you aren't interested in having a mixed metal band but still want a way to give your ring a special touch? Getting a ring with beveled edges is the perfect way to add a slight, unique flare. Like many of the other trends, beveled edge rings come in a variety of metals and styles. Maybe you want even more detail? Well try adding swiss cuts on the inner edge of the band to match your personal style (like the ring featured above).

Ready to start shopping for your wedding band? Browse online or visit a store today!