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Wedding Jewelry


Wedding Day Jewelry to Match Your Bridal Look

As a bride-to-be, chances are you’ve been dreaming about your big day for awhile. From magazines to Pinterest boards, there’s so much inspiration out there. Not sure where to get started on wedding day jewelry? Here are some ideas on how to accessorize your wedding day look!

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3 Must-See Bridal Jewelry Trends From Bridal Week 2017

Hundreds of gorgeous dresses paraded down the runway at Bridal Fashion Week 2017. And the trends are more unique than ever this year. From rising necklines, 3D details, and steamer sleeves, the trends from this year were loud and unapologetic. This is the perfect time for upcoming brides to step outside the box and move away from traditional bridal looks.

You might be wondering, with such extreme dress options, how do I style my bridal jewelry? Won't it look like too much and take away from the dress? The answer is no, because this year on the bridal runway, the phrase "more is more" really held true.

We did our research on Bridal Fashion Week 2017 to bring you the best fashion jewelry and wedding dress looks to rock at your upcoming wedding:

4 Trending Wedding Dresses & Jewelry To Match [Featuring: Flair Boston]

We've done it again! We've teamed up with local bridal dress expert, Flair Boston, to bring you some of the hottest trending wedding day looks this season. 

We're pairing some of the most popular wedding dresses right now with modern jewelry that'll truly enhance the look. Take a minimalist dress and complement it perfectly with timeless pearls with a twist. Or, take a vintage-inspired look even further with delicate yellow gold jewels.

If you're in the market for a wedding dress or want to find a way to enhance your current dress with some jewelry, check out these four wedding dress/jewelry combos that'll completely wow your guests:

7 Wedding Dress Neckline Trends & Jewelry To Match [Featuring: Flair Boston]

Fresh from the runway, the wedding dress trends that we have seen recently are simply stunning. From combinations of lace and off-the-shoulder to the classic spaghetti strap dress with a twist, it is an amazing time to be a fashion-forward bride. 

But, how do you begin to style all of these trendy wedding dress options with jewelry, when all of the necklines are so different from the traditional "sweetheart" and "halter" we have all seen before? We have partnered with the dress experts at Flair Bridal Boutique on Newbury Street in Boston to bring you the hottest neckline trends in the bridal world and the perfect jewelry sets to match. Enjoy!

5 Breathtaking Beach Wedding Gown & Jewelry Looks [Featuring: Flair Boston]

Do you dream about having your "I do's" at a wedding venue on the coast? At the height of the summer wedding season, that is all that we think and talk about here at Long's. We love beach weddings because not only is the scenery gorgeous, but everyone is a little bit happier celebrating on the sand.

When planning your beach wedding, you probably have some sort of idea of what you want the ambiance of your wedding to be, from your sun-kissed skin to the sand between your toes. But, what about the finer details, like the dress and jewelry you will wear that you want to fit in effortlessly with your beach wedding feel? We have partnered with the dress experts at Flair Bridal Boutique on Newbury Street in Boston to inspire you with our timeless go-to beach wedding dresses and jewelry sets to match. Enjoy!