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Top 5 Women's Wedding Ring Trends For 2016

Top 5 Women's Wedding Ring Trends For 2016

Every year, we see changing trends on what is the latest and greatest wedding rings for the moment. As you get ready to tie the knot, you might be starting to shop around for the perfect wedding ring to match your style - a ring that will look fabulous next to your engagement ring! 

Picking out that perfect wedding band can sometimes be a challenge. You have the perfect ring already, so you want to find something that complements it without over powering it. You're probably wondering where you should even start when selecting this special ring. 

Well this year there are five wedding ring trends that we've been seeing and hearing about over and over again. These trends are fashion forward, but of course have that classic spin that will always be in style. Check out these five amazing wedding ring trends that will be your symbol of forever: 

1) Five Stone Diamond Rings

Five Stone Diamond Rings

Last year, eternity bands made a major appearance in the wedding ring industry, but this Spring, five stone bands will be all the rage. Five stone wedding rings are exactly what you think. They are five diamonds that are centered on a wedding band. Simple as that! 

Other than its simple design, there are many advantages to a five stone wedding ring. First, these rings are cost effective. Five stone rings are a great way to keep cost down but still Haccent some brilliant diamonds. Because you are only dealing with five stones and the price of the metal, you can really find a five stone band that fits any price range.

Also, these rings have a lower risk of losing or damaging a stone. Because the stones only face forward, there is little to no rubbing of the stones against your finger or other objects. This reduces the risk of loosening a diamond or damaging a stone. So if you use your hands a lot (shout out to nurses, doctors, or teachers), a five stone band might be for you. 

2) Unique Design Wedding Rings

Unique Design Wedding Rings

Uniquely designed wedding rings are not your typical wedding band. These are typically trendy bands that might have intricate detail, an uncommon design,or even colorful gemstones. Unique wedding rings are meant to be completely different from your engagement ring to add a special sort of flare! Adding a stand out ring is the perfect way to create a unique, one-of-a-kind look. 

Maybe you  have a simpler engagement ring? Well if you want to add something more bold or eye-catching, getting a unique design wedding ring is the perfect way.

Choosing a unique wedding band is an amazing opportunity to mix together different tastes and styles. You can create your own original look by adding that extra special touch that will catch everyone's attention and accent your beautiful engagement ring.

3) Shared Prong Wedding Rings

Shared Prong Wedding Rings

Wanting to show off some major bling? Well a shared prong band might be for you. This ring setting is all about accentuating those gorgeous diamonds. In this setting, diamonds are lined up next to each other and held in place by a shared prong. The prongs in this setting hold both the diamonds on its left and right in place. This way, the diamonds are highlighted and the prongs do not overpower the beautiful sparkle of the stones.  

People are so drawn to this classic setting because of its ability to show a small amount of metal and a lot of gorgeous diamonds. Shared prong is a great setting because it will still securely hold all of those brilliant diamonds but without compromising the look. Shared prong settings come in many different variations which allow for a wide variety when selecting an extremely secure yet beautiful wedding band. From infinity bands, to our trendy five stone band above, shared prong settings give you that glamorous look you might be seeking. 

4) Non-Flush Wedding Rings

Non-Flush Wedding Rings

For years, the trend for women's wedding bands has been bands that are flush or right up against the engagement ring. Having a space between the wedding band and engagement ring was considered undesirable, and many went to great lengths to make sure the bands didn't have that gap. Some people would even have their engagement and wedding rings welded together to avoid this! 

In 2016, we're seeing many women embrace the ring gap and choose wedding bands that aren't flush up against their engagement rings. The beautiful Mariah Carey was the first to debut this trend. This year, having your rings slightly spaced apart is going to be extremely popular.

Instead of buying a wedding ring that has been set to align with your engagement ring, go for something a little different. Don't be scared to look at rings that have a different curvature. This will result in slight spacing between your engagement and wedding ring, but that's alright! This trend is aimed towards highlighting both your wedding and engagement ring separately - not trying to make them look like one.

5) Mixing metals 

via Style Me Pretty. Photographer:Sara Hasstedt

This year, mixing metals with your jewelry is a huge trend. From fashion jewelry, all the way to the wedding ring industry, mixing metals is a major fashion statement. So just as it sounds, choose a different metal for your wedding ring! Lets say your engagement ring is platinum, well maybe be bold and look at some rose gold wedding rings. Or even yellow gold?

The trend isn't necessarily about finding a band that incorporates two metals, it's about finding a band that is a totally different hue than your engagement ring. When shopping for your wedding ring, don't be scared to look at rings that are a different metal type than your engagement ring. The endless possibilities to mix and match make for a unique and personal combination .

Find a style you love? Ready to buy your wedding ring? Browse online or visit a store today! 

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