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6 Top Women's Wedding Band Trends For 2017

Women's Wedding Band Trends For 2017

2017 is here and with that brings new trends! We already let you in on the top engagement ring trends you'll see, but if you're closer to tying the knot then you are probably starting to shop around for your perfect wedding ring. Today's fashion forward brides know there is more to wedding rings than just a simple gold band. While going for a plain band is very traditional, some brides-to-be are still very much into that, but others are opting for a piece that fits their overall personal style. 2017 is going to be the year where brides become more unique with their wedding band choices and step away from the traditional look. We are excited to embrace all the wedding band trends 2017 has to offer. 

Picking out your wedding ring can be tough, you are already so in love with your engagement ring that you want to have that same feeling for this ring. You want to make sure they are the perfect pair. We are here to help by bringing you 6 top wedding band trends that will be taking over 2017 brides. They are fashion forward, but still have a classic feel that will make you love it forever. 

 1. Pavé Diamond Wedding Bands

platinum pave diamond band     Memoire platinum pave silk diamond half round band

Rings Featured: Platinum Pave Diamond Band,Memoire Platinum Pave Silk Diamond Half Round Band 

Get a major sparkle with your wedding band by incorporating a pavé ring next to your engagement ring. With pavé diamonds, tiny stones are set closely together and cover the surface of the band. Sometimes you will see the pavé diamonds set on specific areas of the band just to provide diamond accents, a favorite for someone whose style is minimalist. Traditional brides are very drawn to this style because it has just the right amount of sparkle without being too overwhelming. 

As you can see above, these diamonds work on both slim and wide bands, so it's all up to your particular preference. While white diamonds continue to still be the most popular style, we are starting to see that colored gemstone rings are starting to incorporate this pavé style as well. 

2. Stackable Wedding Bands 

WR0849, WR0906, WR0842, MES768Q-953387-edited.jpg  WR1044, WR0836, WR0841, WR1048 white, WR1048 yellow, WR1044, WR1048 rose.jpg

Stacking has been taking over in all aspects of jewelry, so it's no surprise to us that this trend made the list! These thin diamond bands are designed to be worn on top of one another along with the engagement ring. This makes for a fun, unique look that can be personalized however you want. Brides that want the "stacked" look will usually choose one or two stackable bands for the wedding day to start her collection off. Then as years pass, she will keep adding to her collection by receiving a band on a special occasion holiday or anniversary. 

To make your stack truly your own, always go for different styles or colors when receiving a new band. This will make your stack one-of-a-kind and it'll begin to tell a story. A great way to incorporate a different band down the line is by adding colored gemstones that represent the birth stones of your children. 

Shop Women's Stacking Wedding Rings >> http://www.longsjewelers.com/collections/womens-stacking-rings 

3. Five-Stone Wedding Bands

18k white gold five stone diamond halo band           Memoire platinum odessa five stone diamond band

Rings Featured: 18K White Gold Five Stone Diamond Halo Band, Memoire Platinum Odessa Five Stone Diamond Band 

We have seen five stone rings be trending in previous years, and it looks they are going to continue to be a favorite in 2017. Eternity bands were the hottest trend for a while and are still a popular choice, but as we all know they can be an expensive choice. Over the years, five stone bands have made their mark by with a better price point. They still provide a simple yet elegant look that most brides love paired with their engagement rings.

There are a couple variations of five stone bands that will let you get the most for your money and leave you feeling fabulous. Shared-prong settings will increase the brilliance of the diamonds by minimizing the metal while still holding the stones securely in place. Having a five stone halo (shown above) will give you the ultimate sparkle by making all five stones look larger than actual size. 

4. Rose Gold Wedding Bands

6293R_c1.jpg         18k rose gold bezel set halfway diamond band with milgrain

Rings Featured: Precision Set 18K Rose Gold Shared Prong Half Diamond Eternity Band, 18K Rose Gold Bezel Set Halfway Diamond Band with Milgrain

This romantic metal has been really been rising to the top when it comes to engagement rings, but now it's also one of the most popular trends for wedding bands! Celebrities like Lauren Conrad have recently been jumping on this trend too for their big day. The color of rose gold is elegant, timeless and warm. The best part of all is it gives you a new color option to express your style. As an added bonus, the warm hue is flattering on the majority of skin tones so everyone can get in on this girly trend.

For the ultimate trendy wedding set, go for a rose gold band if your engagement ring is a different metal color. Mixing metals is very in right now!

5. Vintage Inspired Wedding Bands

Artcarved 18k white gold diamond filigree band               18k yellow gold shared prong diamond band

Rings Featured: Artcarved 18K White Gold Diamond Filigree Band18K Yellow Gold Shared Prong Diamond Band 

Retro-style brides may opt for authentic vintage rings, but others are into modern versions of old favorites that incorporate elements of classic styles from years' passed. When shopping for this particular style, look for detailed filigree engravings and delicate raised edges. We saw this over the past year become a popular style that women were going for with their engagement rings. That's why we brought in bridal designer, Sylvie, who is known for her beautiful vintage inspired designs. Now we are thrilled to see so many of our wedding ring brands taking charge on this style!

As you can see above, Artcarved does a great job with the filigree band, which instantly takes our minds back to the past. Yellow gold is a great way to incorporate that vintage inspired look with a nod to what was once the most popular wedding and engagement ring metal. 

6. Classic Platinum Band 

everband platinum wedding band       sirw2006.jpg

Rings Featured: Everband Platinum Wedding Band 2.2mm, Diana 14K White Gold 2mm Low Dome Band

For our brides-to-be that have elaborate, glamorous engagement rings, it can sometimes be best to go for a classic plain band. Matching a plain band with an engagement ring that has some extra sparkle can compliment it very nicely and keep the main focus on the engagement ring. There are many different sizes you can choose from, it all comes down to your personal favorite and what will look best with the engagement ring. Plain wedding bands have been a very popular choice lately among celebrities as well! Couples come in frequently to ask for this style, and we predict it will continue to grow in popularity throughout the year. 

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