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Summer Wedding Band Weekend 2016



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Introducing Jack Kelége Engagement and Diamond Bands

Introducing Jack Kelége Engagement and Diamond Bands [Designer Spotlight]

In the world of diamonds and fine jewelry, first-rate craftsmanship and attention to detail set renowned jewelry designer Jack Kelége apart from the rest. Through decades of mentoring, this dedication to excellence has been instilled in each and every one of Jack Kelége's bench jewelers solidifying the brand's top ranking in the fine jewelry industry. 

From bridal pieces to fashion jewelry, the timeless, quality pieces the Jack Kelége name is famous for reflecting Jack's unmatched devotion to both his clients and collectionsCarefully tailoring every piece of jewelry to fit its distinct diamonds and gemstones, months are often spent on individual designs perfecting every last detail.

Introducing Jack Kelége Engagement and Diamond Bands

 "Design is always subjective.You may like a style or not. However, quality is objective. Above all I want people to look at any of my pieces and recognize their superior craftsmanship and quality" - Jack Kelége

In this day of mass production, it's refreshing to see a designer who puts as much thought into each individual piece as the person who will be wearing it for the rest of their lives. This unique obsession with perfection is what makes his pieces "heirlooms in the making."

Raising the bar for fine jewelry as both a designer and manufacturer, Jack Kelége is truly a one of a kind artist.

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John Hardy Spring 2016 Trunk Shows



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6 Exquisite Estate Pearl Earrings for June [Just-In]

What better way to welcome June than with a vintage pearl piece for your estate collection?

Everyone loves the classic elegance of a pearl. The oldest gem known to man, June's birthstone has long been a symbol of innocence, beauty, purity, and new beginnings. Unlike all other birthstones, Pearl is the only gem made up of organic matter, created by a living creature. 

The natural beauty of this timeless gem paired with yellow gold is one of our favorite combinations! Here are 6 exquisite pearl earrings from our extensive estate jewelry collection that live up to the birthstone's distinct legacy.

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7 Stunning Blue Topaz & Diamond Estate Jewelry Pieces [Just-In]

It's finally starting to feel like summer here in New England! What better way to celebrate than with a new treasure for your jewelry box? Pack up your winter closet and brighten your estate jewelry collection with one of these stunning blue topaz & diamond pieces. 

Long known to be a stone of artistic inspiration, it's not hard to see why blue topaz is one of the most popular gemstones out there. Pairing the beautiful light, baby blue color of the gem with the sparkle and shine of a diamond is one of our favorite combinations. 

If you've been struggling to find the next exquisite piece for your estate collection, look no further! Check out these 7 blue topaz and diamond pieces from our extensive estate jewelry collection that we know you'll love.

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Natick Moving Sale


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Roberto Coin Spring 2016 Trunk Shows


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5 Graduation Gifts That She'll Love Forever

In the coming months, school will be letting out students for summer vacation. For the current seniors, this means that graduation is right around the corner and the next stage in their lives is about to begin. 

Recently we published a gift guide to help you find the perfect graduation present for men. Now - it's the ladies turn, and we've got a full list of gifts that she'll never want to take off! Here are some of our favorite picks to help you start planning out the perfect graduation gifts today:

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GURHAN Spring Trunk Shows


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MONICA RICH KOSANN Locket Personalization Event


Just in time for Mother's Day!
Join us for a Monica Rich Kosann Locket Personalization Event

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